Some of Us, We Have Tattoos

Oh it's payday, yes it's payday
I got my pay cheque from the man
There's not so many jobs that I can get these days
With these marks all over my hands
But I'm gonna take that cheque 
I'm gonna head across the track 
To the wrong side of this town

I'm gonna open the door
I'm gonna bask in the roar
Of that familiar buzzing needle sound

Because the ink in my skin
Where the needle went in
However many years ago
Has left marks on my arms
And they say who I am
Everywhere that I go

Some people have one and 
Some have one that they're ashamed of 
Most people think that we're fools
Some people don't get it and 
Some people don't care
And some of us we have tattoos
--Frank Turner, Tattoos

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul has a photo album on Facebook that people can submit pictures of their music related tattoos. Want to show off your ink to other music lovers, this is your chance! 

To submit, please e-mail your photos, along with your name, location, and a short caption explaining each photo to:


Kate Marie Robbins, Minnesota
Scars on 45 logo tattoo

Kate Marie Robbins, Minnesota
Switchfoot lyric tattoo from Love Alone is Worth the Fight

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