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Charity Spotlight: AFSP

In 1987, a small group of caring individuals had a vision: establish a private source of support for suicide research and education, and essential suicide prevention efforts could be sustained into the future. These founding families—each of whom had lost a someone to suicide—joined with scientists to create what today is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or AFSP.
Many of our original founders were concerned about an alarming rise in youth suicide over the previous four decades. During this period, the suicide of young men had tripled while for young women it had doubled. Suicide is currently the third leading cause of death among young people age 15 to 24. The highest overall rates of suicide are for adults age 40 to 59.
Before AFSP, there was no national-scope not-for-profit organization dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy.
Since its founding in 1987, AFSP has:
Mobilized and connected tens of thousands of people w…

The RRSMS Team Traditions

Jen: lefse!!
Colleen: preparing the holiday meal and spending time with family
Sandy: I love that Santa brings my family a movie for each of us every year. Santa always wraps his presents in santa paper along with the stocking stuffer stuff he brings everyone. Last 3-4 years i have wrapped my presents for each person with certain paper. So everyone knows what presents our theirs. Santa writes whose are whose from him.
Michaelle: Holiday goodies! Baking, sharing, and of course, eating!
Gina: The past two years, since my nephew was born I’ve been going to see him on Christmas Eve and spend time with him and open presents, eat, this year we’re going to decorate gingerbread houses.
Heather: Open presents in the morning
Radeyah: Around Christmas time my mom and I drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies.
Lori: My brother and his fiance and I always go to our dad's for Christmas and I always buy my brother and I lifesavers story books as well
Sid: I try to message my friends Merry Christm…

The Sounds of Advice #72: Clever Life Hacks

What is the most clever life hack you've learned?
Kate: Paper binder clips! They have so many uses. I use them as chip clips and for keeping cereal bags closed. And they're great for holding phone charger cords together if you keep them in your purse or bag so they don't get knotted up. 
Sid: I think the most clever life hack I’ve learned is in drawing where you can use a triangle to build up certain foot poses. (That counts, right?)

A list from Google:

Dating in the Digital Age

Dating in the Digital Age By Kate Marie Robbins
Where do you find a relationship when you live in a small town, work in a field that is primarily dominated by the same sex as you, and the bar scene isn’t your cup of tea? I didn’t meet my husband in high school or even college like most people do. So where does someone like me turn to? In this day and age, the only viable option for someone like me is the internet. We all have our own reasons for choosing for using sites such as Plenty of Fish, Match, Tinder, Facebook, Meetme, etc. to find dates and none of those reasons are wrong.
There is so much stigma still in using the internet for dating and I don’t understand this.  If you’re being safe about what you’re doing, which is key, then it shouldn’t matter where you meet people. It baffles me that some people automatically assume that just because you met someone online that there must be something wrong with them. I decided to write this to try to help try to break the stigma behin…

Holiday Tradition Around the World

In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas arrives on the evening of December 5th. Children leave a shoe out by the fireplace or windowsill and sing Sinterklaas songs in the hope that he will fill them with presents. They also leave some hay and carrots in their shoes for Sinterklaas’s horse. They’re told that, during the night, Sinterklaas rides on the roofs on his horse and that a Zwarte Piet (Black Peter, who is like an elf) will then climb down the chimney (or through a window) and put the treats in their shoes.
In Iceland, in the 13 days leading up to Christmas, 13 mischievous trolls called Yule Lads (jólasveinar in Icelandic) come out to play. For each night of Yuletide, children place their best shoes by the window and a different Yule Lad visits, leaving gifts for nice girls and boys and rotten potatoes for the naughty ones. Clad in traditional Icelandic costume, their names reflect the trouble they like to cause: Stekkjastaur (sheep cote clod), Giljagaur (gully gawk), Stúfur (stubby), …

The Sounds of Advice #71: Revealing Secrets

When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn’t? 
Sandy: Only time I feel is if that person is in danger and their life is question. Otherwise keep secrets until you die.
Sid:  You should reveal a secret when someone is in immediate danger, or if someone is hurting you.
Kate: When it puts the secret holder or someone else's life at risk, especially if the person is a child. 
Facebook weighs in:

If it's someone else's secret never.....because it's not mine to share.

However, if it's one of my own then it depends on who I'm sharing it with. I don't reveal any secrets unless I absolutely feel comfortable with a person or know i can trust them. There a still secrets from times in my life no one knows about and never will. -Shauna Y.

Depends on the secret and who it might hurt or not. -Jenn W.

For one, we must never divulge a secret. A promise is meant to be kept and if we don't honour our own words, we are disrespecting our own self.
Sometimes if we bring…

Charity Spotlight: CHERUBS

CHERUBS is the world's first and largest CDH non-profit organization. We are truly a grassroots organization - CDH families creating something out of nothing when there was no other CDH group, information and services in 1995. CHERUBS was created to make sure that no family endures Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia without support or accurate information. Our Board of Directors includes CDH parents, grandparents, survivors, nurses, doctors and the world's top CDH researchers. CHERUBS is run solely by volunteers and donations. At CHERUBS, every CDH family has an opportunity to honor or remember our children while doing good to help others and work together as a CDH community. No other charity in the world has such a respected, educated or experienced group of leaders who care so much about the CDH community.
CHERUBS was not created by one family or for one family. It was not created in honor or in memory of one child. It is, and has always been, a group effort to help all famili…

Holiday Traditions

Family and food. -Jimmy R.

Baking Christmas cookies with my grandmother from an old family recipe. -Shauna Y.

The Sounds of Advice #70: When to End a Friendship

How do you know when it's time to end a friendship?
Sid: I think it's time to end a friendship when it becomes all take and no give, or when it's become toxic in another way that cannot be fixed. If it's unhealthy for either of you to be in that situation, and the fact isn't going to change, it's time to let go. It hurts, yes, but it's what's best.
Kate: For me, I've always found it is when you've found you can no longer trust the person any longer and you feel that you won't ever be able to get that trust back. Unfortunately, sometimes a part of growing up is growing apart. 
Facebook weighs in:
When it becomes toxic for you. When you can't help but be insecure about everything surrounding the friendship. Those worries are real. -Jenna W.

Charity Spotlight: Trevor Project

Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.

In 1994, producers Peggy Rajski and Randy Stone saw writer/performer James Lecesne bring to life Trevor, a character he created as part of his award-winning one-man show WORD OF MOUTH. Convinced Trevor’s story would make a wonderful short film, Stone and Rajski invited Lecesne to adapt it into a screenplay. Rajski directed the movie and TREVOR went on to win many prestigious awards including the Academy Award® for Best Live Action Short Film.

The Oscar-winning film eventually launched a national movement. When producer Randy Stone secured an airing on HBO with Ellen DeGeneres hosting, director/producer Peggy Rajski discovered there was no real place for young people like Trevor to turn when facing chal…

Holiday Traditions

Baking cookies -Katy R.

Driving around the nice neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and of course the light festivals
-Kathy C.

Making and then eating lefse. -Joseph R.

Chasing my uncle around the house because he stole the whipped cream. -Liz P.

We don't do it every year, but we make gingerbread houses from scratch some years at my dad's house! -Vanessa R.

The Sounds of Advice #69: Can Men and Women be Just Friends?

Kate: Absolutely. I have had many good friends of the opposite sex over the years. And I mean, if they can't really be friends, then what does that mean for the LGBT community? Being a pansexual myself, wouldn't that mean I wouldn't have any friends? LOL Obviously, sometimes feelings can develop, but that's not always the case. 
Sid: Ah. The age old question. If you ask me, I usually have one of two answers. My superficial/joking “Yes, because gay people exist,” or if you wanted my serious answer I would say that society is a little too obsessed with this notion that being attracted to a gender equates to being attracted to everyone of that gender. We also tend to hyper-sexualize and hyper-romanticize just about everything people do, from a really young age.
“Straight men and women can't be friends because they'll automatically fall in love or be attracted to each other.” People say stuff like this with any gender attraction, and honestly? It's a little anno…

December Band of the Month: Hands Off Gretel

Hands Off Gretel are a 3 piece Alternative Rock/ New Wave Grunge band from South Yorkshire, UK. Launched February 2015 by Singer/Songwriter Lauren Tateand guitarist Seán Bon. Hands Off Gretel have since been described as "One of the most exciting new bands" in the 'Bands To Watch' feature in the US's Alternative Press Magazine. Back in September 2016 the band launched their first 13 track studio album 'Burn The Beauty Queen' after running a very successful crowdfunded backed entirely by their online fanbase.
"In an age of beige bands and nonchalant attitude to music, Hands Off Gretel come kicking and screaming like it's the early '90s and to be honest they are a breath of fresh air. " - Uber Rock   
The band Hands Off Gretel developed late 2014 between Lauren & Sean, after Lauren's solo band 'The Lauren Tate band' came to an end in the summer of 2014. Tate had recently denied offers from US pop labels & X-Factor fast…

Pay It Forward

We here at RRSMS want to inspire others to make a positive change in the world. It's your turn to do something kind for another person.
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

The Sounds Of Advice #68: The Best and Worst Career Advice

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? How about the worst?
Sandy: Best work advice I got was if do something you love you will never work another day in your life.

The worst advice I got was to find any job to get out of the job I had at the time until I could find a better job.
Kate: Do what makes you happy is the best advice I've ever gotten. The worst is, it's a pay check. 
Colleen: Do what is best/easiest for you.
Gina: Work smarter not harder.

Charity Spotlight: NCADV

NCADV'S VISION: The vision of NCADV is to create a culture where domestic violence is not tolerated; and where society empowers victims and survivors, and holds abusers accountable.
NCADV'S MISSION: NCADV is the voice of victims and survivors.  We are the catalyst for changing society to have zero tolerance for domestic violence.  We do this by affecting public policy, increasing understanding of the impact of domestic violence, and providing programs and education that drive that change.

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thankful Thursday from the Team

Sid: My wonderful family, My close friends, who have dealt with so much from me over the years.  As well as my opportunity to contribute to this amazing charity.
Colleen: 1. Family and friends 2. My home 3. Having survived cancer this long 4. Having food on the table 5. My job
Michaelle: I am thankful for God's faithfulness! So grateful for His signs to start a new life in a new place with so much hope, love, and opportunity for myself and children.
Sandy: I'm thankful for the fact my family is all taken care of and that we all have a roof over our heads. Also thankful for the friends that I have because without them who knows where I would be.
Andrea: My family
Jen: I'm thankful for my family, my friends, having a job, and being alive.
Lori: family friends health 4. A great job 5. A roof over my head
Gina: Family Friends New opportunities Continued learning
Twinkle: I am thankful for the Faith, God has empowered me with, that strengthens me, and makes every…

The Sounds of Advice #67: Best Advice Given From Family

Sandy: Best advice I got from a family member is just to always think positive and be myself. I do struggle with being positive, but I am always myself because I know there is no one like me in the world. 
Kate: To  always be your unique self

Joseph: Don't do drugs

Jen: That I should get a divorce. And to go big or go home.

Rhi: Always be yourself and don't care what they say about you

Colleen: When my son was young he told me not to kill anyone because he didn't want me to go to jail. And my family always tells me to never give up in my battle against cancer.

Charity Spotlight: Rock the Cause

Rock the Cause Records is a Minnesota Based 501(c)3.  Our Federal Tax Exempt EIN is 260591013.  Our mission is to create a new generation of stewardship for other non-profit causes. We achieve this goal through concert events, volunteer drives, educational workshops, and through music downloads on our record label.
Rock the Cause is recognized internationally as the preeminent nonprofit organization that combines giving, advocacy, and activism with music. Founded in 2007, Rock the Cause has partnered with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, producing both large and small charitable events, raising millions of dollars annually, and generating thousands of volunteers, donors, and advocates for their partner organizations. 
Rock the Cause educates, empowers and inspires others to make a difference.  Its initiatives are not just events, but are based on ongoing engagement that combine concerts, new media, digital music downloads, volunteer drives, and fundraising events in partnership w…

Thankful Thursday

8 ways to be thankful —
1. Open your eyes to gratitude. Find one thing to be thankful for as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. You can be thankful for your eyes, another day, your breath, a new chance — anything to help you breathe in the present moment. Don’t think about yesterday, or worry about tomorrow. Give yourself a gift of a brief moment spent in “Thank you for…” and be grateful.
2. Honor the small. If you are one of the people in the world who is lucky enough to experience running water, stop and be grateful. Running water is a miracle and simply, quite wonderful. Water does so many wonderful things for us. It can wash our clothes, clean our hair, keep us alive, cool us down, warm our bellies — feel the water you use today and be grateful.
3. Look at you. When you see your reflection anywhere today, be grateful. You are an amazing, living, breathing being that is like no one else on this earth. Your body carries you wherever you wish to go. Be grateful for all the parts…

The Sounds of Advice #66: Snow Day Fun

Sandy: Snow days are usually more fun for the kids than parents. Lol if you have kids old enough you could take them out to build a snow man, go sledding and enjoy the snow. Hot chocolate is a kid fav on snow days. Also a good time to hang out and watch movies. Could even stay and and make paper snowflakes or do anything art related. Read books together too.
Kate:  1. Make Use of the Snow: Might as well embrace the snow. Toss your kiddos outside with a shovel and have them shovel the driveway and sidewalks. If they have extra energy and can stand the cold, suggest they shovel the neighbor’s driveway too.

2. Hot Chocolate Magic: Provide your kids with bowls, scoop up the snow and add it to your sauce pan. They will love watching it melt into chocolate goodness on the stove top with you.

3. Maple Syrup Goodness: This makes another sweet snack for your kids. Boil real maple syrup for 10 minutes, stirring often. Then carefully take the syrup outside. Have your kids find a smooth, clean area …

Final Murder Mystery Solution

The “Fallen” Scientist – Solution:
1) Doctor Madori
2) Five of the six stolen lab capsules were broken open and poured into the tea bag.
3) Lucille LaBoux was having an affair with Chris Madori. Doctor Madori became jealous and decided to do away with the competition.
Chris Madori married his wife, Doctor Susan Madori twenty years ago. Chris, fed up with the marriage, began to have a passionate affair with Lucille.
Lucille convinced Chris to kill the Doctor after her boss had made millions with the new drug patent. Lucille promised that she and Chris could get married one day, after the estate was passed on to Chris. As a token of affection, Chris gave Lucille the Madori family heirloom…a locket. (The Doctor, soon to be dead, would never miss it!)
Madori recognized Chris’ infatuation with Lucille and, feeling threatened, decided it would be better to get rid of Lucille. The Doctor hid the Hydrochlorozinian-based Diabetes capsules in the vitamins, knowing that Chris would be unlikely to di…

Thankful Thursday

Nightmare Before Christmas, my family, my friends, and my dog, Cooper. -Bodean R.

My kids. -Debbie K.

I'm thankful for life, my son, my home. -Arminta D.

What are you thankful for?

The Sounds of Advice #65: Rainy Day Blues

Thing to do on a rainy day for both kids and adults:
Sandy:  Rainy days are fun. If your kids are in the 5-7 range and a lot of puddles you can take then puddle jumping and come in and warm them up with hot chocolate or a warm bath. You can also play board games, watch movies or play video games. We love Mario cart in our house. Yesterday is was really rainy and we played a board game with my 13 year old. The 5 and almost 2 year old chased each other around and the 4 month old just hung out. Lol you could also color in coloring books as well. Cause who doesn't love to color?!?!
Kate: My favorite rainy day activity is curling up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book. Or a binge watch session on Netflix. But I think the best part of a rainy day is once the rain stops. Put on those rain boots and jump in some muddy puddles, just like they do on Peppa Pig! 

Thankful Thurday

Pizza, video games, coffee, beer and tennis -Jimmy R.

Robert Mueller -Eric D.

Heath and happiness -Daniel R.

I'm thankful for the smiles and loves I get from raising my perfect Zen, my youngest grandson. -Mickie K.

November Band of the Month: Tiki Bandits

Hailing from the frothy surf of Mohave Beach (aka Kingman), Arizona, Tiki Bandits first unleashed their punishing brand of aggressive oldies a couple of endless summers ago. Frank Voodoo, of Glow Skulls fame, is your MC, tour guide, and crooner-in-chief. The lovely Triple B – Beach Bunny Becca, formerly of Arizona's Safewerd, wields guitar stage left, singing tunes guaranteed to make the cholos cry. On guitar stage right, we have local Mohave Beacgroove hangs ten and shoots the curl like Surfer Joe wishes he could. Cuca Escobar, a veteran of Vegas Beach rockers The Broads kicks, punches and spits out the backbeat. Whether it be Huntington Beach, Tijuana, Albuquerque or Dallas - SURF'S UP when Tiki Bandits hit the stage, and you know everyone's gonna get . . . lei'd.

Social Media: Facebook YouTube
Where to Buy Music: Bandcamp

The Fallen Scientist (And Last Week's Solution)

Solution: (1) Lilly’s sister, Anne Kincaid.
(2) Lilly and Anne were playing a prank on the boys. Anne made them chase after an imaginary killer, then stabbed her sister for real.
(3) The fake knife had its handlegrip facing the feet, while the real knife was turned the other way.
Explanation: The police noticed the discrepancy between Mark’s and Larry’s description of the knife’s position in Lilly’s chest and that shown in the crime scene photos. Someone had obviously removed the knife and reversed it. Or stuck in a new knife, one with a blade.
Anne was brought in for questioning. Eventually the 17-year-old confessed. For years, she had been jealous of her sister. Lilly got everything: praise and attention and, most galling of all, a first rate education that their parents had saved years for.
It was Lilly who had thought up the prank. They would lure their boyfriends into the old mansion and then scare them with a murder, just like in the movies. Anne instantly saw how this fake murder coul…