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Question of the Day #52: Singing in the Shower

Gina: Not usually
Kate: Haha, nope
Sandy: Heck yeah
Renee: No, even I don't like the sound of my voice
Aisling: No
Twinkle: Yup 
Sid: Yes! I never take a shower without my tunes. My favourite to sing when I start the day is "Good Morning Baltimore" from the musical Hairspray.
Heather: No
Lori: Nope
Radeyah: Always
Jen: No
Colleen: No

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a few volunteer opportunities available here at Rock and Roll Saved My Soul! If you're not a writer, but want to help us make a difference, consider joining the social media team. 
Available volunteer positions: Social Media Marketing Specialist--LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Specialist--WattPad Social Media Marketing Specialist--Medium  Advertising Specialist
To inquire, please message Kate Marie Robbins or e-mail us at:
No experience necessary. 

The Sounds of Advice #60: Positivity Post


Question of the Day #51: Cooking to Music

Gina: No
Kate: If I actually did any cooking, yes.
Sandy: Sometimes
Renee: No
Aisling: No
Twinkle: All the time
Sid: Yes I do, I listen to childhood faves like the Jonas Brothers often and dance when I cook. Which has caused me to fall in the kitchen before. 
Heather: Sometimes
Lori: Nope
Radeyah: Sometimes
Colleen: Not usually
Jen: No

Our Cancer Journey

Our Cancer Journey  By Shauna Young
March 24, 2006 started out like any other day for our family. I got the two oldest (who were 10 and 11 at the time) up for school and everything was normal. Spent the day with my husband and the two youngest while they were at school we went to the park and had a great day. Little did we know that everything in our lives were about to change!! The boys came home from school and our oldest went inside did homework and ran out the door to go play. However, our 10 year old was walking slow, not being himself, and complained of a headache. So I gave him some medicine and let him take a nap. When he got up we had his favorite dinner, but he didn’t eat much and still complained about his head hurting. I had figured his sinus infection had come back with a vengeance. So I kneeled down in front of him….looked up at him and noticed this huge lump in his neck. I was determined to find out what this was without telling him what I was seeing. I played 20 question…

The Sounds of Advice #59: Breastfeeding


Aisling: Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to feed your baby. Besides being a great source of food and nutrients there are a lot of reasons why people prefer to breastfeed. 
It helps your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size and reduces post-delivery bleeding.
It makes it easier to lose those pregnancy pounds (you burn up to 500 extra calories a day nursing).
It may reduce your risk of postpartum depression and breast and ovarian cancer.
It can delay the return of your period (although you should still use some form of birth control when you resume intercourse).
It saves money (no formula!).
Breastfeeding is a learned process; none of us (not even Baby) are born knowing how to do it. To improve your chance of success:
Try to breastfeed within the first hour of birth. This helps your uterus contract and provides that valuable colostrum. Also ask to have Baby room in with you at the hospital so you can feed on demand.
Have a nurse or lactation consultant check how Baby latches o…

Question of the Day #50: Band T-shirts

Gina: Of course, about 75% of my shirts are so.
Kate: Frequently. And I always have a band hoodie on when it’s cold
Sandy: All the freaking time!
Renee: No
Aisling: Sometimes
Twinkle: Nope
Sid: Yes, I have an A Day To Remember shirt, an Alex Goot shirt, and an Admiral of Black shirt.
Heather: I sadly don't own any.
Lori: Nope
Radeyah: No
Colleen: I have a few 
Jen: Yes 

In Search of Essays

On Wednesday's on the RRSMS blog we like to feature articles and essays written by special guests. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact us via our e-mail:
What are we looking for? Anything relating to any of our published anthologies or current submissions. Those topics include: music (concert experiences, how music has impacted your life, music inspired stories and poetry), random acts of kindness (giving or receiving), domestic abuse, rescue animals, miracles, invisible illnesses, acceptance within the LGBT+ community, bullying.
Since this is for the blog, try to keep the essays short. No more than 4k. 
If you have any questions, please contact us at the e-mail given above. We can't wait to hear from you!

The Sounds of Advice #58: Vacation on a Budget

Vacation destinations on a budget:
Sandy: Vacations are something we all love to take. However, they can be pretty pricey as well. Here are some tips on ways to save on your next vacation!!
Flying makes traveling easier and faster however, if you are going with others driving would be better and would save you a little bit of money as well. While driving, be sure to bring a cooloer with ice. You can pack in some water or if you prefer pop/soda. You could even bring snacks alone as well. When I was yonnger we had stuff in the cooler as well as snacks like cheez its. This is a great way to play games in the car as well. Now you might think there are hotel stays. It is possible however if you are like me you have about at least one decent friend in about every state. Chances are they may let you crash for the night. So you can save money as well. Now these may not seem like a lot but if you break it down you save on having to stop at hotels at night, eating those pricey fast food p…

September Band of the Month: Social Repose

Richard Michael "Richie" Giese, (age 27) known professionally as Social Repose, is an American singer, songwriter and YouTube personality.
Albums: Paradise (2011, EP)
The Modern Age (2012)
Reckless Closure (2013)
Crazy Manic Love (2014, EP)
Yalta (2015)
Covers (2015)
Social Media:
Where to Buy Music:
Google Play

September Volunteer of the Month: Michaelle Madrid

September Volunteer of the Month: Michaelle Madrid!
Michaelle Madrid is a wife, mother, friend, reader and writer. She lives with her family in the dry heat of the Arizona desert. She received a B.A. in Communication with a minor in English from The University of New Mexico and spent ten years working in corporate America. She currently has a few works in progress and is co-writing with a self published author. Michaelle's Muses is a Facebook page she has just recently created and dedicated to all of her different writing; please follow along.

A Message From the RRSMS Team:
Kate: I am so incredibly blessed to have you as a friend and teammate. You stepped in when we were in need and have done so much to help RRSMS grow. You are a blessing. Much love soul sister! 
Sid: Thank you for all your hard work, Michaelle! It's a pleasure to work with you.
Andrea: Thanks for all your hard work! You're amazing!
Renee: Congratulations! You are a treasured member of the RRSMS family
Radeyah: T…

I'm Donating My Birthday

By Michaelle Madrid 
Just playing Scrabble online with my Facebook sis, Patti. I play the word cee and she lets me know that she is editing a story with a character named, Cee. I got chills as I was reading her message back to me. Later, I was scrolling through Facebook when another friend was having a birthday. Since Facebook now allows you to have people donate to causes, she posted a fundraiser for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Both Patti and Elizabeth have EDS. This was my sign to share about this invisible disease.
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a group of disorders that affect the connective tissues that support the skin, bones, blood vessels, and many other organs and tissues. Defects in connective tissues cause the signs and symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which vary from mildly loose joints to life-threatening complications. There are fewer than 200,000 US cases per year. Lab and imaging testing may be required to determine a medical diagnosis. EDS is not curable, but treatable. Often…

The Sounds of Advice #57: Pressures of Early Adulthood

Coping with the pressures of early adulthood:

Aisling: Coping with pressures during early adulthood can be stressful and difficult to manage. 
If you can manage to avoid what is pressuring you by all means just avoid it. 
If avoiding it isn't possible try to learn some ways that can help you deal with the stress, such as writing in a journal to vent your feelings. 
Try to think positive, get enough sleep and focus on your goals. 
Also try setting smaller goals that you can focus on that will help you reach your main goal in the long run. Focusing on things like these can help take your focus off of what may be pressuring you so much.
Sandy: Being a kid can be hard. Being an adult is also hard. However, having to be a kid while having to do things an adult would do is even harder.

As a kid we always want to grown up because we see our parents doing things and we want to do them too. It is just part of being human.  Nothing is wrong with it, it is perfectly normal. However, sometimes as a …

Everyday Miracles, An Excerpt

Claire's Battle with CDH By Andrea Stenlund
To me, my little Claire is a miracle. She has gone through more in her life as a baby than most adults do. She is my hero, my strength, my motivation to make it through each and every day. 
It started when Claire was around six and a half weeks old. She started acting differently. She was usually a good nurser, so when she started not wanting to eat, it sent up red flags. Then, eventually, she started to vomit which lasted almost twenty-four hours. I was thinking maybe she just had a stomach bug that her sisters gave her possibly, but when we woke up on Sunday morning, I felt something was terribly wrong after she vomited up bile. I called my mom to come stay with Claire’s sisters because I felt it was urgent and wanted to bring her into the emergency room. So, I took her in. They tried to set up an IV at the first hospital because of dehydration, but they couldn't get it in; at least three or four nurses tried. They did x-rays, and tha…