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Invisible Not Imagined

According to one study, more than 125 million Americans have at least one chronic condition (defined as a condition that lasts a year or longer, limits activity and may require ongoing care) and nearly half of those have more than one.  These chronic illnesses often share one major characteristic: they are not visible to an onlooker; thus the term “invisible illness.”
Those with invisible disabilities can present with varying symptoms such as debilitating pain, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, cognitive dysfunctions (brain fog), learning differences and mental disorders, as well as hearing and vision impairments.  Most of these chronic invisible conditions are not always obvious to an observer, but can sometimes or often limit daily activities. These disabling symptoms can range from mild challenges to severe limitations and vary from person to person.  Having an invisible illness can prohibit the sufferer from enjoying life in the way they once knew.

We here at RRSMS have decided to put t…

The Sounds of Advice #16

How to deal with the loss of a pet
Aisling: Losing a pet can be very hard. For some it's like losing a family member. Whether a pet passes away from old age or from having to be put down due to an illness that can't be helped, be sure to hang onto your memories of them. Look through pictures you have of them. If you're not ready to welcome another pet into your home but miss being around animals you could volunteer at pet shelters. Pets may not be there for our entire life but we are there for them for theirs.

Sandy: Best way is to remember the good times you had and have your grieving time. For kids it is a little harder. However, if you know a family member that they know that has passed, just tell them that that family member and the pet are watching over you now and having a great time hanging out together.

Kate: Allow yourself time to grieve. Just like with people, you're allowed to feel whatever emotions you want or need to. Be upset, be angry, be sad. It is never e…

Question of the Day #28

Gina: Not in the formal definition..
Kate: Yeah, kind of. More so when I was younger and had money to go to shows more often.
Sandy: haha no
Melissa: Only for the New York Rangers.
Renee: No
Aisling: No
Twinkle: Nopes
Sid: I wouldn't say I'm a groupie. I don't really know too much about a lot of the bands I listen to besides their music.
Arminta: No
Heather: Nope
Lori: Yes I am
Radeyah: I'm not sure I know exactly what that term means.
Colleen: No
Jen: Depends on the band

Question of the Day #27

Gina:Uhh.. The Struts
Kate: Depends on how big we're going. Good Charlotte--they were pretty big once upon a time.
Sandy: Three Days Grace
Melissa: Korn
Renee: Last major concerts I went to were Garth Brooks (most recent), 3 Doors Down and Cherry Poppin Daddies

Aisling: Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage & Hatebreed

Twinkle: Euphoria

Sid: Hillary Duff when I was little.

Arminta: Otep

Heather:Bon Jovi.

Lori: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet boys in 2011

Radeyah: Hmm, I can't remember. Does the ABBA tribute band count?

Colleen: Nickelback

Jen: Ghost 

The Sounds of Advice #15

How to deal with someone who has taken advantage of your kindness:
Aisling: If someone has taken advantage of your kindness, it's best to distance yourself from that person. Don't ever change who you are & stop being kind just because someone has taken advantage of that. The world needs kind people to set an example for others to keep kindness going.
Sandy: This is something I can relate to well. Seems all my life people do this very thing to me. However, I don't let it change who I am. I help people its who I am. You do learn over time to know if someone is using you. You can then get rid of those people. You just have to remember to keep your head held high and don't change the caring loving person you are! You are that way for a reason!
Kate: I've been down this road one too many times. It's hard when you have a caring nature. You always want to help as much as you can, but there will always be that one person that takes advantage of it. It's hard to kn…

Question of the Day #26

Gina: uhh, Nah...not really my thing.
Kate:I like some of it.
Sandy: Some is okay.
Melissa: No thank you.
Renee: Not for me
Aisling:It's alright
Twinkle: Nah! Not my type.
Sid:Love it!
Arminta: Not my fave genre of metal, but it's alright
Heather: I don't think I've ever listened to it.
Lori: It is okay but wouldn't listen to it
Radeyah:I like certain songs but by no means all!
Jen: Awesome!
Colleen: It's better than country!

Question of the Day #25

Gina: I can handle some of the songs.
Kate:I don't like about 99% of it.
Sandy: It's not bad. I listened to it a lot in the past, but now it doesn't even sound like country to me.
Melissa: I could take it or leave it.
Renee: Older songs (Garth Brooks, Reba McIntyre, Alan Jackson era) I like a lot but it gotten to close to pop recently
Aisling: I listen to very little of it
Twinkle: Love it!
Arminta: I could leave this one behind, but there are a couple of songs that are catchy
Heather: I love country music!
Sid: Love it!
Lori:I love country music
Radeyah: I love country music as well. It just gets me into that feel good mood and makes me feel like I can do anything.
Jen: Gross. Some of the older stuff is okay though.
Colleen: I could take it or leave it.

The Sounds of Advice #14

How to deal with raising your kids and not freak out:

Aisling: Remember that they are simply that, just kids. Sometimes they don't know how to communicate what they need or want. Just breathe, take a few minutes to yourself to stay calm if need be.
Sandy: I have found that if you get to a point where you just can't handle it anymore. Just let the kid(s) cry and just tale some deep breaths to calm down. Raising kids is never easy if you can try to do something for yourself once or twice a month. Even if its just to go to a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying about the kid(s). You get some you time and get to relax just for a short while. It helps so much!

Question of the Day #24

Gina: It's alright
Kate:I like it.
Sandy: Not a big fan
Melissa:I love it.
Renee:It transports me. Almost every playlist I have has at least one classical song.
Aisling: Love it
Twinkle: Though it sounds amazing, I am not much into it.
Sid:It's okay, but there are only a handful of songs I enjoy.
Arminta:I like listening to cellos so some of it is alright
Heather: I don't listen to it.
Lori: Not a fan of it
Radeyah: I LOVE classical music! I also use it as concentration / study music. It really works.
Colleen: It's okay, I don't mind some of it.
Jen: It's classic 

Question of the Day #23

Gina: "Skin and Bones" by Marianas Trench
Kate: Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse 
Sandy: I heard "When Dove Cry" on my way home from work.
Melissa: Lovely To See You Again by the Moody Blues.
Renee: Can't Stop the Feeling Justin Timberlake
Aisling:Lost Boy by Ruth B
Twinkle: Just Like Fire By P!nk
Sid: the last song I heard was "Hero Red Pill Mix" by Superchick.
Arminta: Flo Rida-My House
Heather: Bad Reputation by Kelly Clarkson
Lori:I heard Switchfoot's new song Where the Light Shines Through and it was an awesome song and Kate had their new album 
Radeyah: Katy Perry's Rise.
Colleen: Captain Mickey from Mickey Mouse Club House
Jen: Something by Lennon, don't know which song.

The Sounds of Advice #13

How to tell if your relationship with your significant other is abusive or toxic:
Aisling: Usually all relationships start off well. You make each other smile, you want to spend time together, etc. Over time you become comfortable with each other & settle into a routine of sorts. Sometimes though, not for the better. 
If your s.o. is always keeping track of who you're hanging out with, demanding to know where you are at all times, wanting you to stay home all the time. These are a few signs of a toxic relationship. If they belittle you in any way, are physically or emotionally abusive, these are more obvious signs. Some other signs are if they won't let you have friends over, they try to limit your time you spend with family or are constantly checking your phone because they're paranoid. If they try to control what you eat, what you wear and tell you that you need to change, these are more toxic signs.
Sandy: The biggest thing is if they don't want you do go anywhere …

October Band of the Month: The Pigeon Detectives

The Pigeon Detectives are an English indie rock band from Rothwell in Leeds, West Yorkshire, who formed in 2004. They performed at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2006, where they were tagged "the band most likely to leap to the main stage in 2007" in an NME review. The band returned to the festivals in 2007 and again performed on the NME stage.
Albums: 2007: Wait for Me 2008: Emergency 2011: Up, Guards And At 'Em! 2013: We Met At Sea
Social Media:
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Where to Buy Music: iTunes Amazon Google Play

October Volunteer of the Month: Sandy Ashley

Volunteer of the Month: Sandy Ashley

I’m Sandy. I have always loved music. I also love writing. I wrote poems for years. I tried to write books when I was a teen, but I could never get past chapter 3. When I finally decided to write a book again, when I finally got past chapter 3. I thought to myself I can totally do this. I’m a mom of three wonderful kids. JJ is my oldest, Kalynn, and Michael (my youngest). I love spending time with them. They are my world.
When my BBFF Katie told me about RRSMS, I knew I had to be a part of it! I have to put a story in each book, so far I have. I’m hoping to have a story in each one. I have done that up until now. I was thrilled to help with I Am Loved. I just know a lot of people find it hard to fit in. I know because I have always had a hard time fitting in sometimes. I also know that it’s harder for people who are GLBT. The fact that all the money goes to help other makes me feel good. I try to help everyone and I can’t always do that. Being able t…