Question of the Day #27

Gina: Uhh.. The Struts

Kate: Depends on how big we're going. Good Charlotte--they were pretty big once upon a time.

Sandy: Three Days Grace

Melissa: Korn

Renee: Last major concerts I went to were Garth Brooks (most recent), 3 Doors Down and Cherry Poppin Daddies

Aisling: Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage & Hatebreed

Twinkle: Euphoria

Sid: Hillary Duff when I was little.

Arminta: Otep

Heather: Bon Jovi.

Lori: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet boys in 2011

Radeyah: Hmm, I can't remember. Does the ABBA tribute band count?

Colleen: Nickelback

Jen: Ghost 

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