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Saving Isaiah

Buy a cool shirt and help a cool kid. This story crossed my path via a good friend of mine.  At present I don't have the money to help, but someone out there might.   This campaign is for an 18 year old boy diagnosed two years ago with an ultra rare epileptic condition with high morbidity and exceptionally high risk of SUDEP (Sudden Un-explained Death in Epilepsy). All funds raised will all go towards medical and travel expenses. They have a goal of selling 50 shirts, with only 16 purchased thus far.  There are 27 days left.  If you can help, please do.  It would mean the world to myself (Kate), my friend, and Isaiah and his family. Purchase A Shirt Here

Halloween Anthology: Dark Fantasia Submission Call

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is proud to announce their first annual Halloween anthology!  All proceeds from these anthologies will be donated to Rock the Cause.  
The theme of the first anthology is the creepy side of mythology.  What mythology?  Any one you'd like to write about.  Here are some links for reference, if you need it.  :) 

Greek Mythology Roman Mythology Norse Mythology Celtic Mythology Egyptian Mythology Japanese Mythology Chinese Mythology
You are not in any way, shape, or form limited to these mythologies.  They are just there for reference.  If you choose to do something that is not listed, that is okay.  There are so many of them out there that it just wasn't possible for me to list them all.  (Native America, Arabian, etc.)  Write what suits you.  
Requirements: 5K or less, if you're running into issues, please e-mail us! Due October 10th, 2015 Please make sure they are fully edited before submitting Sent to:  With "…

Meet Aimee Carnegie

Aimee is a 20 year old Scottish girl who loves dogs and musicals. She spends her days playing Minecraft and watching Supernatural, when she’s not singing along to musical soundtracks, skyping her friends or writing her books! She loves Russell Howard and anything paranormal, and has a bit of a soft spot for romantic comedies.

What is your name and/or pen name? My name is Aimee Carnegie, I don’t currently use a pen name, though have plans to in the future. Secrets!
How long have you been writing?  I’ve been writing short stories all my life, but I’ve only been writing full length books for about two and a half years now.
What is your favorite book/piece you have written?  My favourite piece of writing is definitely ‘Through The Eyes Of The Enemy’, a piece I submitted to the Authors Against Bullying anthology.
What are you working on currently?  Currently I’m working on some short anthology pieces and two full-length books.
Who is your favorite writer/author? It’s a hard choice, as I have a fe…

Meet S.K. Brandon

S.K Brandon is a nineteen year old author who resides in Illinois with his family and two rats (Asher and Westley). This Potterhead spends most of his time Participating in Rock and Roll Saved My Soul events, Gleeking out, reading, writing, creating Cosplay tails and keychains.

What is your name and/or pen name?
I'm Sid and I write under the pen name S.K. Brandon

How long have you been writing?  
I've been writing since I was in first grade, but only really started writing seriously in middle school.

What is your favorite book/piece you have written?
I think my favourite piece is the poem I submitted to one of Rock and Roll Saved My Soul's anthologies, Fighting Chance. I wrote it about the struggles a friend of mine faced growing up in an abusive home and having other abusive relationships in her life.

What are you working on currently?  
Currently I am working on my first novel Sunday Morning, a Whiskey Kids Novel.

Who is your favorite writer/author?
I would have to say a tie betwe…

Meet Sandy Ashley

I’m Sandy. I have always loved music. I also love writing. I wrote poems for years. I tried to write books when I was a teen, but I could never get past chapter 3. When I finally decided to write a book again, when I finally got past chapter 3. I thought to myself I can totally do this. I’m a mom of two wonderful kids. JJ is my oldest and Kalynn (Kay is my youngest). I love spending time with them. They are my world.
When my BBFF Katie told me about RRSMS, I knew I had to be a part of it! I have to put a story in each book, so far I have. I’m hoping to have a story in each one. I have done that up until now. I was thrilled to help with I Am Loved. I just know a lot of people find it hard to fit in. I know because I have always had a hard time fitting in sometimes. I also know that it’s harder for people who are GLBT. The fact that all the money goes to help other makes me feel good. I try to help everyone and I can’t always do that. Being able to write things for these books to help ot…