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Domestic Awareness Warriors Raffle

In honor of Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, the Domestic Abuse Awareness Warriors have put together a raffle to raise some money for awareness.  All money raised will be donated to: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Below you can find information about purchasing tickets and what you can win! The raffle will run through the end of October!
Big Prizes: Tickets: $5 for 1 
$15 for 5
Purple Themed Gift Basket 
Personalized Cushion
(Note: this is an example. The real cushion will have your name and the Domestic Abuse Awareness Warrior logo on it) 
Autographed Copies of Each Book
Purple and White Knit Scarf

Small Prizes:Tickets: $1 for one
$4 for 5 
$8 for 11

Metal Bookmark
Swag Pack
Paracord Keychain with Ribbon Charm

A Meeting With Frank Turner

On October 7, 2015 myself (Kate) and my sister/co-founder of RRSMS got the opportunity to meet the one and only Frank Turner. For those of you that don't know, it was a Frank Turner song, "I Still Believe," that inspired RRSMS. Without Frank, this wouldn't exist, so this was a big moment for me. 
With the help of Bree Vanderland, we got the first volume of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul fixed up, so that we could give Frank a copy and get a few signed. 

So there we were, sitting outside of the record shop acoustic show, waiting to get in.

Frank played one song of each album, and it was amazing! 

After the set we waited, (not so patiently) in line to get to meet him. I won't lie, my heart was racing. I thought I might pass out.  I didn't though! So, we were next. We handed off what we wanted signed and his manager set it on the counter. I gave him my phone for him to take photos of us with Frank.  Little did I know that his manager caught the whole experience on fi…