Domestic Awareness Warriors Raffle

In honor of Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, the Domestic Abuse Awareness Warriors have put together a raffle to raise some money for awareness.  All money raised will be donated to:

Below you can find information about purchasing tickets and what you can win! The raffle will run through the end of October!

Big Prizes: 

Tickets: $5 for 1 
$15 for 5

Purple Themed Gift Basket 

Personalized Cushion
(Note: this is an example. The real cushion will have your name and the Domestic Abuse Awareness Warrior logo on it) 

Autographed Copies of Each Book

Purple and White Knit Scarf

Small Prizes:Tickets: $1 for one
$4 for 5 
$8 for 11

Metal Bookmark

Swag Pack

Paracord Keychain with Ribbon Charm

Purple Adjustable Hemp Charm Bracelet

Light Purple Adjustable Hemp Charm Bracelet

Purple and White Rubber Band Bracelet with Charm
(Six available) 

Rubber Band Bookmark with Charm (purple & white)
(Two available)

Rubber Band Bracelet--Beads and Charm (purple & white)
(Two available)

Purple and White Keychain

Rubber Band Ribbon Charm (purple & white)
(Four available)

Charm Bracelet

Rubber Band Ribbon Charm (purple & white mixed)

Laguna Agate

Customizable loom bracelets
(Five available)

Purple and White Mulitlayer Braided Bracelet

Tickets can be purchased via PayPal.
Please write how many of each ticket in the message when you send the money! AND put your e-mail address, so we can send you your ticket numbers!

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