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New Book Alert: Rescue Me

Nine lives, four paws and endless furry antics to entertain us. Cats are creatures of habit but what happens when those they love and trust cast them out? They end up in shelters or on the streets all across the world. Their habits become shaken and they must adapt. It is extremely difficult for them to learn to trust again.
There are those that are willing to take the time however. Cats are calming, lovable animals that can purr their way into your heart without you even realizing it. If you take the chance to adopt or foster one of these incredible balls of fluff you will find yourself bending over backward just to hear their adorable meow and snuggle with them at night. They are work but they are worth it. It is too bad we don’t have nine lives as well. Perhaps then we would have enough time to repay all of the joy and love they bring into our lives.
Rescue Me Rock & Roll Saved My Soul
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Question of the Day #35: If You Were A Musical Instrument

Gina:A Triangle
Kate: acoustic guitar
Sandy: Drums! Keep the beat for everyone.
Melissa:Danny said I would be an Accordion because it's kooky like me.
Renee: Violin
Aisling: Violin
Twinkle: Flute
Sid: Hmm perhaps a dulcimer, it's like a guitar but it's got a little less to it, and almost no one I know really knows what they are.
Arminta: Bass guitar
Lori: A flute
Radeyah: I would probably be the drums because I like to be dramatic. LOL.
Colleen: guitar 
Jen: Drums 

The Sounds of Advice #24; When You're In A Rut

How to get unstuck when you feel like your life is in a rut
Aisling: Do some soul searching while you take some time for yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday things of life that we can tend to get stuck.
Sandy: Find something that you really love to do. I find going to a concert turns my mood around pretty fast. Go do that thing you love and that should help you get out of a funk. At least for awhile anyway. Once you do that keep doing things that make you happy. :)
1. Embrace Regret: Regret may paralyze you from making progress, but studies show that counterfactual thinking can actually help motivate you to act. Counterfactual thinking is the process of constructively assessing how something might have happened, asking the question, “What might I have done?” It prompts a new and empowering resolve: “When X happens (or doesn’t happen), I will do Y.”
2. Understand Your Comfort Zone: To get out of your rut, understand what keeps you in it. You may be caught in your …

Invisible Illness: Bipolar Disorder

What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that is characterized by extreme changes in mood, from mania to depression. It can lead to risky behavior, damaged relationships and careers, and even suicidal tendencies if it's not treated.
Causes of Bipolar Disorder Doctors don't completely understand the causes of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder often runs in families, and researchers believe there is a genetic component. Symptoms:Bipolar Symptoms: The primary symptoms of bipolar disorder are dramatic and unpredictable mood swings.
Mania Symptoms: Mania symptoms may include excessive happiness, excitement, irritability, restlessness, increased energy, less need for sleep, racing thoughts, high sex drive, and a tendency to make grand and unattainable plans.
Depression Symptoms: Depression symptoms may include sadness, anxiety, irritability, loss of energy, uncontrollable crying, change in appetite causing weight loss or gain, increased need for sleep, difficul…

Question of the Day #34: Best Local Act

Kate: I don't know if they're still a band, but Four Letter Lie was always one of my favorites. Or Quietdrive.
Melissa:I'm not much in touch with the local music scene here in Iowa. I miss Last Call With Carson Daly. He was really good for giving not yet famous bands exposure. He always found awesome bands, too.
Renee: Spandex Nation
Aisling:I don't really know of any local acts
Sid:Capital Soiree. Hands down.
Arminta:I haven't heard anything local in a very long time.
Heather: Musical Blades.
Lori: Owl City
Radeyah: I'd have to go with The Entourage in Trinidad and Tobago. They're a male band and they perform so well.

The Sounds of Advice #23: Emotional/Mental Abuse

Dear Sounds of Advice, Someone I care about I think is being emotionally and mentally abused. I don't know what to do. I just know I can't sit back and watch someone I love get hurt like this. Sincerely, Worried About A Friend
Aisling: Sit down with this person in an environment where you're both comfortable. Be honest with them. Point out what you've been seeing & let them know that you're there for them no matter what. They may not listen to you right away, with some people it takes time for them to see the signs of the abuse themselves, especially if they're in denial about it & feel ashamed. Just be there for them & help them as best as you can.
Sandy: I would sit down with them at a coffee shop or when you hang out wherever that might be. A place you are both comfortable. Just talk to them. Tell them what you see is going on. It's a 50/50 chance they see it too and aren't sure how to go about getting away or they have no idea what is going o…

Invisible Illness: Addiction

Addiction is a tough one, because sometimes it isn't invisible, but a lot of the time it is. Addicts put on a mask and try to hide their addiction from friends and family. I've seen this firsthand and the destruction it can leave in its wake.
What is Addiction?
Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, nicotine) or engages in an activity (e.g., gambling, sex, shopping) that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health. Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others.
The word addiction is used in several different ways. One definition describes physical addiction. This is a biological state in which the body adapts to the presence of a drug so that drug no longer has the same effect, otherwise known as a tolerance. Another form of physical addiction …

Question of the Day #33: Sad Concert Moments

Gina: Every time a concert ends is a sad moment.
Kate: I bawled my eyes out when I saw The Script for the entire time they played. It was more cathartic than anything. Or maybe seeing Yellowcard play for the very last time.
Sandy: When I asked one member out and it didn't work out. That was very sad.
Melissa:I really can't recall any.
Renee: I have no sad concert memories
Aisling: When I had to leave the concert lol
Twinkle: None
Sid: None yet, luckily.
Arminta: Yeah, concerts do not make me sad. Except when they end.
Heather: I don't have one.
Lori: None
Radeyah:It was at a concert for my favourite Youtuber/ Comedian/ Singer/ Artiste, Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, during her "A Trip To Unicorn Island" Tour. She had a moment where she got really real with the audience and she spoke about her depression and how she overcame it. It was very touching and literally the first time I got teary-eyed at a concert of any kind!

The Sounds of Advice #22: Cabin Fever

Aisling: This time of year people tend to go stir crazy with cabin fever. Here are some ideas to keep busy & ease the fever. 
1. Get outside. If it's not too chilly out try going for a walk or even try out skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing or ice skating so you can work off some of that pent up energy. 
2. Have a holiday movie marathon. Get together with family to watch some family favorite movies. 
3. Bake some cookies & have some hot chocolate. 
4. Can't get out of the house but would love to travel without actually travelling? Pick up a good book & let your imagination take you away for a while. 
5. Make some arts & crafts or try a new hobby like knitting or crocheting to keep yourself busy.
Sandy: Just doing things together as a family. Bring out some board games and chill out relax and have some fun. If kids are old enough have them help make dinner. Its the little things that make being stuck in the house not to bad.
Kate:  1. Take Up an Indoor Hobby: The walls w…

Invisible Not Imagined: Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a terrible thing to have. I know, because I have it. Looking at me, you'd never know that I was in agonizing pain every day. We can mask it well to those we don't want to know. But it's not easy to deal with, no matter how you slice it. 
What is chronic pain?  About 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain can be mild or excruciating, episodic or continuous, merely inconvenient or totally incapacitating.
With chronic pain, signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for months or even years. This can take both a physical and emotional toll on a person.
The most common sources of pain stem from headaches, joint pain, pain from injury, and backaches. Other kinds of chronic pain include tendinitis, sinus pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pain affecting specific parts of the body, such as the shoulders, pelvis, and neck. Generalized muscle or nerve pain can also develop into a chronic co…

Question of the Day #32: Funny Concert Moment

Gina: At Marianas Trench when Josh Ramsay wore someones bra on stage while he performed for a while.
Kate: Any time I've seen the band Peachcake play. They held a dance off in the middle of the dance floor. We also played Duck Duck Goose. One time at a Ludo show we played Red Light, Green Light.
Sandy: Honestly my trip to see Owl City with my best friend. We had so much fun even though it was cold. Funniest thing about that was the dirt bike that only we saw that were going to the show cause we camped at that door all day!
Melissa: Okay well, it would have to be the Backstreet Boys in Albany. That entire weekend was nonstop laughing from start to finish. Seeing Gina hit Howie Dorough in the chest with her bra was pretty funny and awesome.
Renee:Turning around to realize the lead singer of Lit was standing right behind me in the VIP section at the Summerland Tour
Aisling: When I saw a hippie looking woman standing by the wall of the main floor. We made eye contact as she was taking a hi…

The Sounds of Advice #21: Exercise Routines

How to sneak exercise into routine parts of your day
Aisling: This time of year around the holidays is especially hectic for trying to fit in your workout. Here are some ideas you can use to sneak working out into the routine parts of your day. 
1. Park as far away as possible from the entrance of any buildings you're going to so you can get extra steps into your day. 
2. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. If there are a lot of people taking the elevator this will not only get some extra steps in but will also save you time instead of having to stop at various floors. 
3. Dance! Baking cookies & listening to Christmas music with the family? Why not dance to add some extra fun! 
4. This time of year with the snow some people prefer to stay indoors. Why not bundle up and head outside to do some skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding? Even helping the kids build a snowman or a snowfort or go sledding can be a workout. Plus when you're done you can treat yourself to some…

December Band of the Month: SΔINT ΔSONIΔ

Saint Asonia (stylized as SΔINT ΔSONIΔ) is a Canadian-American rock band consisting of former Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike Mushok (lead guitar), Corey Lowery (bass, backing vocals), and Rich Beddoe (drums). Formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2015 after Gontier's departure from Three Days Grace, they released their debut studio album Saint Asonia on July 31, 2015.
Discography: Saint Asonia (2015)
Social Media:  Facebook Website Twitter YouTube Instagram
Where to Buy Music: Amazon iTunes Google Play

December Volunteer of the Month: Radeyah Ali

Volunteer of the Month: Radeyah Ali!
R.H. Ali has been published in numerous Anthologies including Wonderstruck,Random Acts of Kindness and Today, Tomorrow, Always. She adores reading and writing almost every genre and she is currently working on her first full length novel, ‘Amulet’. Her love for writing is displayed on her Facebook Author Page, (R.H.Ali) and her blog, (Exploring the Mind). R.H. Ali has recently started her own BookTube, (Exploring Books 2.0), dedicated to her passion for reading and writing books. She lives in the beautiful island of Trinidad located in the Caribbean where she lives with her family. 

A message from the RRSMS Team:

Kate: Since we've met, we've become close. I consider you one of my very dear friends. I am so happy that you have joined the RRSMS team. You are truly an asset and I don't know what I'd do without your support and friendship. Thank you for everything that you do!
Andrea: Radeyah you do a phenomenonal job co-running the Instagr…