Question of the Day #33: Sad Concert Moments

Gina: Every time a concert ends is a sad moment.

Kate: I bawled my eyes out when I saw The Script for the entire time they played. It was more cathartic than anything. Or maybe seeing Yellowcard play for the very last time.

Sandy: When I asked one member out and it didn't work out. That was very sad.

Melissa: I really can't recall any.

Renee: I have no sad concert memories

Aisling: When I had to leave the concert lol

Twinkle: None

Sid: None yet, luckily.

Arminta: Yeah, concerts do not make me sad. Except when they end.

Heather: I don't have one.

Lori: None

Radeyah: It was at a concert for my favourite Youtuber/ Comedian/ Singer/ Artiste, Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, during her "A Trip To Unicorn Island" Tour. She had a moment where she got really real with the audience and she spoke about her depression and how she overcame it. It was very touching and literally the first time I got teary-eyed at a concert of any kind!

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