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The Sounds of Advice #80: How Would the Voting Age Change Your Country?

How would your country change if everyone, regardless of age, could vote?
Sandy: If we could all vote and our votes actually counted the country I feel would be a lot better. We all need to listen and vote for who we think would be best, not vote just because it is Republican or Democratic.
Michaelle: I believe that the age for voting is fine. I would be open to having younger voters on issues regarding their age range. If we did have voting with no age range, there might be a more beautiful world because seeing the world through the eyes of children is a lot more peaceful and loving. ❤
Sid: I don't think I've ever thought about it but I do often feel bad for kids under 18 who are politely savvy constantly being talked over because “You're not even old enough to vote, what do you know?”. Which is just rude. I'm 22 and there are 15 year olds that understand politics more than I do. 
Kate: I think that's an interesting concept. A good starting place, though, would be get…

Fighting Chance: #metoo

The me too. movement has built a community of survivors from all walks of life. By bringing vital conversations about sexual violence into the mainstream, we're helping to de-stigmatize survivors by highlighting the breadth and impact sexual violence has on thousands of women, and we’re helping those who need it to find entry points to healing. Ultimately, with survivors at the forefront of this movement, we're aiding the fight to end sexual violence. We want to uplift radical community healing as a social justice issue and are committed to disrupting all systems that allow sexual violence to flourish.
Fighting Chance Volume Two will focus not only on domestic abuse, but also any kind of sexual violence, including rape, sexual harassment, etc. for both women and men. Share your story, let the healing begin, and stop allowing behavior such as these to flourish. 
Submissions are due August 31, 2018 Send them to: with "metoo" in the…

Karma: #metoo

Karma  by Anonymous 
I watched my mom be abused for many years—seventeen to be exact, so you would think I could spot the signs ten miles away, but I was wrong.
I met him April 15th, 2007. It was like those story book moments where you’re with a friend but connect with someone on such a higher level. We talked for hours, had a couple drinks, and I forced myself to go home. All I could think about was him. His eyes. His smile. And oh, the way his lips tasted when he kissed me good night. Three minutes is all it took—three minutes to steal my heart and three minutes to begin the worst nine years of my life.
The abuse started June 21st, 2007. He called me a dumbass because he wanted to be single for his 21st birthday. Now mind you I had moved me and my son who was just over the age of one into his tiny apartment because he wanted me around all the time (that’s the first sign, control). Fast forward a year. I stopped contact with him for about eight months. I moved away and changed my num…

The Sounds of Advice #79: Negative Into a Positive

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?
Sandy: So Jan 5th started out like any other day. I was excited to go pick up my daughter early from her dads. Which for me is always good. However, I didn't make it to see her that day. I was driving up there and hit some ice lost control of the car and it rolled 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times. This day really could have been worse. While in the ambulance they noticed my back was pretty messed up. I didn't know how serious though. I was life flighted to Pocatello and had tests done. I was transported to a place that could help with my back. Once there and in ICU room is when I found out how lucky I really was with my injury. My Dr who fixed my back was shocked i wasn't paralyzed from my T11 bone shattering. So even though I was in a bad car accident and i was injured and would have a long recovery, but not being paralyzed was the best news. I was still going to be able to run and chase my kids around and have f…

Invisible, Not Imagined Cover Reveal

Title: Invisible Not Imagined Genre: Non-Fiction  Release Date: April 7, 2018 Publisher: Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Synopsis: Nearly 1 in 2 Americans (133 million) has a chronic condition. 96% of them live with an illness that is invisible.
I don't know when the war started, but I was thrown into it without my consent. It isn't fair, but I have no choice but to fight. But how can I fight back when I don't have any weapons and the enemy is inside me?
People with invisible illnesses are fighting a battle everyday, even if you can't see it. This anthology aims to shed some light on these illnesses and show you the strong warriors that are hiding behind them.
All proceeds will be donated to Rock the Cause.

Mission Statement & Core Values Reveal


The Sounds of Advice #78: Love Your Job?

Do you think you have to love your job? 

Sandy: You don't have to love your job, but it helps make the days faster. My great uncle tells me all the time "if you love your job, you will never work another day in your life"
Aisling: I think it's important to love your job, or at least like it. If you're going to a job that you hate every day, that's just adding stress to your life that you don't need.
Sid: I think that you do, but I also realize that this is considered a luxury these days. 
Kate: I think that you should, because it makes life more enjoyable, but the likelihood of it happening isn't always positive. I've been on both sides of the situation, loving and hating my job. It's far better to love it than to hate it.

Facebook weighs in:
Nope and I don't love my job even through I have been there for almost 14 years. -Lori M.

Yes. Doing a job you don’t really like year after year makes for a miserable time at work and sometime at home too.…

February Band of the Month: Neck Deep

Neck Deep are a Welsh pop punk band from Wrexham who formed in 2012 when vocalist Ben Barlow met former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts. The pair posted a song (What Did You Expect) online under the name Neck Deep. The song soon gained attention online, resulting in the addition of rhythm guitarist Matt West, drummer Dani Washington, and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans. They released a pair of EPs, Rain in July (2012) and A History of Bad Decisions (2013), both recorded by Barlow's older brother, before signing with Hopeless in August 2013. Following the release of their debut album Wishful Thinking in January 2014, the band became a full-time project, with the band members leaving their jobs and/or dropping out of university courses. Shortly after the release of their second album Life's Not out to Get You in August 2015, Roberts left the band due to allegations of sexual misconduct, and Sam Bowden (formerly of Climates and Blood Youth) joined in his place.

Discography: Wishful Thinking …

February Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Meyer

Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Meyer!!!

A Message from the Team:
Kate: Andrea, I am so glad that I get to work with you and that you are a part of this amazing community. You contribute so much more than you realize! Thank you for all that you do. Love you so much babe! 
Sid: Thank you for all you do! It's a joy to work with you.
Aisling: Thank you for all of your hard work! You are awesome!
Twinkle: Congrats Andrea! Thanks for all your hard work.
Sandy: Andrea, keep up all your hard work that you do for RRSMS! You rock girl!
Gina: Congrats, Andrea! You do amazing work and it is a pleasure to work with you, thank you for all that you do!
Lori: Thank you for all you do for the team. I am grateful to be working with you
Heather: Thanks for being a part of Rock and Roll Saved My Soul!
Jen: Thank you Andrea for all the wonderful work you do. I am glad you are on our team! 
Colleen: Thanks for all the hard work you put towards RRSMS.

Michaelle: Andrea, you are truly a blessing to your family and th…

Poll: Sad Songs

What song(s) make(s) you sad?
Heaven needed a Hero by Jodi Messina -Jenn W.
Amazing Grace -Leanne Z.
Blackbear - Idfc. / Hasley - Gasoline -Mark R.
Testify to Love -Dan S.

The Sounds of Advice #77: Do Animals Have A Sixth Sense?

Sandy: Yes! I believe this because my cat way laying on my belly before I knew I was pregnant with my 4th kid.
Sid: I do for sure. Animals know all sorts of things that we don't. My cat knows when my chronic pain is acting up and He lays on my knees. 
Kate: I think so. My cat can always tell when I'm upset or in pain, even when I'm not physically showing signs of it. Sometimes it seems like he can read my mind and knows when I'm thinking about getting up. Usually that's when he decides to cuddle up right on top of me to try to prevent me from moving. 

Facebook weighs in:
Not a sixth sense but their senses are way more developed than ours. -Wendy S.
I saw a parrot that can read its owner mind -Leanne Z.

Invisible Not Imagined: Kate 1, Anxiety 0

Mazes and puzzles are meant to be a fun, creative outlet, but for me, it’s how, in my mind, my anxiety manifests. And it is far from a fun experience. I see it as one of those giant hedge mazes like you see in Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter. Daunting, but a solvable puzzle…until my anxiety kicks in. It doesn’t happen often and I’m thankful for that, but when it does, I feel like I’m trapped inside the maze. Every turn a dead end and it starts to feel like the walls are moving in on me, shifting deliberately to keep me trapped inside. I struggle, trying to claw my way out, but the further I venture into the maze, the worse my anxiety level becomes and I panic. It’s then that I start to believe that maybe there isn’t a way out any longer and I’ll forever be trapped inside of the maze with no escape. When that reality sinks in, I want to give up, curling up on the ground in the fetal position, sobbing hysterically. The panic attack does eventually subside, but I'm still stuck i…

RAK: The Good Cards

Pawel and Dorota originally met by chance at a Business Networking Conference, after Pawel had made the decision to leave the financial world, and Dorota had recently graduated from the University of Economics in Poznan. Dorota was also currently working for a Polish start up company, and Pawel was preparing to organise his Dreamers event and crowdfunding campaign for the 5 Pieces of Advice project (an initiative that would help spread collective wisdom between different demographics across the world). As the two began to talk, they realised that they both shared the same aspirations and dreams to make the world a better and more loving place. From that moment, both with a passion for business as well as social good, Dorota began helping Pawel with the 5 Pieces of Advice project. Pawel knew that he needed to find a way to engage more people into collecting knowledge and doing good things around the world. He wanted to make 5 Pieces of Advice bigger and more engaging, and after many e…

The Sounds of Advice #76: Summers Zoom and Winters Drag

Why, to you, does it feel like summer zooms by and winter drags on forever?
Sandy: Winter we aren't as busy doing fun things all over. Summer we are outside having fun not stuck inside all the time
Aisling: For many summer goes by in the blink of an eye and winter seems never ending.
This in my opinion is because time flies when you're having fun. Yes, there are winter outdoor activities but with the sun setting earlier in the winter & the cold temperatures, there's a lot more that's easier to do in the summer time.
Sid: Because most people find winter unpleasant so it feels like it's taking longer, but people enjoy summer so it feels quicker.
Kate: For me, I think it's because you're cooped up inside more during the winter, so you're more likely to get cabin fever and it makes it seem like seem like time is going much slower. Time seems to go by so much faster when you're busier/more active.

Facebook Weighs in:

I feel the time change is part to blame…

Street Team Name Contest

Soon we will be launching a new mission based street team where you will be able to earn points that are redeemable for prizes. Right now we are searching for a name for our new street team! Think you have a brilliant idea of what to call it, send it to us via e-mail! 
To keep it fair, only one entry per person. If your name is chosen you will win a $10 Amazon gift card, so put your thinking cap on! The name will be chosen by the social media team without a name attached to keep it fair. 
Send your entry to:  with "Street Team Contest" in the subject line

New Year's Resolution Statistics

Top New Year's Resolutions from 2017:
1. Lose Weight / Healthier Eating21.4% 2. Life / Self Improvements12.3% 3. Better Financial Decisions8.5% 4. Quit Smoking7.1% 5. Do more exciting things6.3% 6. Spend More Time with Family / Close Friends6.2% 7. Work out more often5.5% 8. Learn something new on my own5.3% 9. Do more good deeds for others5.2% 10. Find the love of my life4.3 11. Find a better job4.1% Other13.8%
Percent of Americans who usually make New Year's Resolutions41 % Percent of Americans who infrequently make New Year's Resolutions17 % Percent of Americans who absolutely never make New Year's Resolutions42 % Percent of people who felt they were successful in achieving their resolution9.2 % Percent who have infrequent success48.4 % Percent who never succeed and fail on their resolution each year42.4 %
Types of Resolutions: Self Improvement or education related resolutions44.3 % Weight related resolutions32.4 % Money related resolutions42.1 % Relationship related…

The Sounds of Advice #75: Can True Love Last?

Can love really last a lifetime, in your opinion?
Sandy: Love can certainly last forever as long as both parties have Patience, understanding, forgiveness and most of all both communicate with each other. If both sides dont have this and fight for each other then things will not work. However, it is not impossible to make it last.
Aisling: In my opinion, yes, love can really last a lifetime. Any relationship takes work and commitment, true love will always prevail.
Sid: I think it can. If it's honest and true and an effort is made. 
Kate: Absolutely. Life and love aren't always easy, but if two people love each other, they'll stick through the good and bad times, working things out and taking life as it comes.

Facebook weighs in:

I think it can, but you gotta work at it. -Andrew K.

Absolutely. But true love isn't just a fantasy inside one's head. It's time, effort, energy, commitment, loyalty, living together long enough to know you can coexist together wit…

Concert Journal

I went to a lot of concerts when I was in college. I wish I could remember all of them now that I'm older. So many memories will be forever lost because of the time that has passed. Stemming from that, I had an idea for a new book for Rock & Roll Saved My Soul: a concert journal. It will be comprised of four page sections where you can put in entries for each concert you attend. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. It should be published sometime in February on Barnes and Noble for hardcover and Amazon for paperback.

Volunteer of the Year: Sid Scott Lee

Volunteer of the Year: Sid Scott Lee 
I'm an author from a little big town, creating is a big part of my life. I adore animals. I spend most of my days writing and trying to crank out my first novel. I absolutely love reading and creating in anyway I can. 

A message from the RRSMS Team: 
Kate: Sid, you are such an asset to the team! We wouldn't be where we are today without all of your hard work and dedication. You do so much for us. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you do for me and for the RRSMS family.
Andrea: Sid you do an amazing job!! We appreciate your dedication and all your hard work!
Congrats Sid! You deserve this.
Aisling: Congrats Sid, you're doing an amazing job! Thanks for all that you do!
Twinkle: Thank you Sid! You truly deserve it. No words will suffice our gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work you put in for RRSMS
Sandy: Sid, you are so awesome! You do great work for RRSMS and you have a great heart!!
Gina: So glad to get to know you and w…

The Sounds of Advice #74: Job Interview Advice

What advice would you give someone before going to a job interview?
Sandy: Dress nice, but not over the top (unless the job requires it), be yourself (if you are a caring person) make sure you show them that. They want to see these things. Be aware of things you need to work on for yourself. Maybe if you can explain how this job will help you work on sale things. Good luck!!

Sid: Do you best, be honest and attentive. 
Aisling: 1. Pick out your outfit the night before, even your shoes.
2. Before the interview do something that helps calm your nerves such as go for a short walk, listen to music.
3. Get plenty of sleep the night before.
4. Don't be afraid to ask questions during the interview.
5. Just be yourself.
Kate: Be confident, even if you aren't on the inside. Accentuate your strengths. Try to turn your weaknesses into positives. 

Facebook weighs in:

Depending on where the interview is, some places check your shoes. It was a tip my fiance got.
-Tiffany C.

Do your research on the…

New Year's Resolutions

My new years resolution is to finish the first chapter of my novel. -Sid L.

I'm going to write and read more. I've been doing a bad job at both the past couple years. -Heather K.

Try to drink more water. -Lori M.

1. To try & read 6 books each month
2. To try & write 1,000 words a day
3. To set weekly goals that will help me stay on track towards my bigger goals
4. To drink more water
5. Cook more meals at home.
-Aisling S.

I would like to self publish at least one book in the first quarter of this year. -Michaelle M.

Band of the Month: Kane Brown

Even before signing his record deal in early 2016, rising star Kane Brown had already established a passionate online following in the millions. Almost immediately, the RCA Nashville/Zone 4 singer/songwriter was making chart history with the release of Chapter 1, which became the highest-debuting country EP of the Nielsen SoundScan era and featured the RIAA Gold-certified “Used to Love You Sober.” His Kane Brownfull-length released in December 2016, debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums and Top 10 on the Billboard 200 all-genre chart. Country’s #1 best-selling new-artist album debut since 2014, Kane Brown also claimed the #4 spot as the best-selling new-artist album debut of 2016, in any genre, and launched the Platinum-certified smash “What Ifs,” featuring Lauren Alaina. The October 6, 2017, release of the 15-song Kane BrownDeluxe Edition builds on that success with four new tracks including “Setting the Night on Fire—a duet with Brown’s hero and RCA labelmate Chris Young…

The Sounds of Advice #73: New Year's Resolutions

New year resolutions: good or bad idea?
Sandy: I think they are good if you can stick to them. Most of us don't though
Sid: It really depends on the type of person you are. If you like setting goals and meeting them, then go for it! If not… maybe skip the new year resolutions.
Kate: I'm not necessarily against improving one's self, but you don't need the whole new year, new you attitude to do it. You can start any day, any time. Setting goals and working towards them are great. I just don't feel that you need to wait for a new year to go for your goals.

Facebook weighs in:
I think they're a waste of time. I don't think you should wait to make a goal. You can start one on a Tuesday at 7:38 p.m. if you wanted to. If you have to wait for a new year to start a goal, to me it feels like you're just putting it off. -Colleen R.
Most people break them after a few days. You can set a goal any day though, so why wait? -Joseph R.

I find New Years resolutions pointless…