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Question of the Day #4

Maggy:Fall Out Boy, hands down.
Gina: Chiodos
Kate:Switchfoot, because they've been my favorite the longest
Sandy: *//\\// Sync for sure
Melissa:LiVE. Throwing Copper is a work of genius.
Renee:Phil Collins
Aisling: The Doors
Twinkle:Jonas Brother
Sid:Oh that's a hard one! Maybe a tie between Evans Blue and The Glee Cast
Sarah: This is a tough one, but if I had to choose now, it would be The Birthday Massacre.
Arminta: Otep
Heather: Taylor Swift.
Jen: Billy Talent, Less Than Jake, Slipknot
Colleen: Nickelback

Question of the Day #3

Maggy:The "So you had a bad day" Song by Daniel Powter
Gina:"Happy" by Pharrell
Kate:Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
Sandy:I have a hard time with a few, names of them of failing me right now.
Melissa:Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. She completely destroyed Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot and she's so raunchy and disgusting.
Renee:The Never Ending Song sung by girlscouts
Aisling:Toxic by Britney Spears annoys me.
Twinkle: Almost any by Honey Singh
Sid: Pillowtalk by Zayne
Sarah:"Friday" by Rebecca Black
Heather:I haven't found one yet.

Jen: Anything by Justin Bebier 

Colleen: Seven Years by Lukas Graham

#IAmMuslimAndI Social Media Campaign

The #IAmMuslimAndI Social Media Campaign aims to promote #Muslims as everyday people doing everyday things to show that Muslims are regular human beings and not a group to be feared or hated.
#Islam teaches #peace #tolerance and #love. Anyone who goes against these fundamentals cannot be classed as following the teachings of Islam.
Within recent years, #Islamophobia has increased in spades. It is sad that the actions of a minority group who CLAIM to be Muslims are taken as a representation of Muslims as a whole. The violent actions of some are definitely #NotInMyName and cannot ever represent what Islam teaches.
God says that if a human being kills or harms another human being, it is as though he has killed or harmed all of humanity. This is the depth of the rejection of violence in Islam.
The #IAmMuslimAndI Social Media Campaign was started by Radeyah H. Ali in an attempt to educate #Islamophobes on the true meaning of Islam by showing them that Muslims are normal people who want the sa…

Question of the Day #2

Maggy:My immortal by Evanescence
Gina:"Intensity in Ten Cities" by Chiodos, "Skin and Bones" by Marianas Trench, I'm sure there's a lot more.
Kate:The first two albums by The Script
Sandy:There are so many. The one that really hits me is See You Again by Owl City.
Melissa: Creasy Dies by Lisa Gerard, from the Man on Fire soundtrack. It's beautiful, but so sad and haunting.
Renee:LeAnn Womack I Hope You Dance
Aisling: Angel by Sarah Mclaughlin
Twinkle: Numb By Linkin Park
Sid:Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, Wasteland by Trapt,  and Painting Flowers by All Time Low
Sarah: "OMG" by MXMS
Arminta:Mad World by Gary Jules
Heather:There's so many. A few are Gone Too Soon by Daughtry, Lucy by Skillet, and Brought Up That Way by Taylor Swift.
Jen: Rest of my Life by Less Than Jake 

Colleen: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Question of the Day #1

The RRSMS team weighs in! 
Maggy:I'm listening to A Day To Remember a lot lately 'cause of the fiance...
Gina:Marianas Trench and a lot of music that I listened to in high school, currently it's A Change of Pace.
Kate:Good Charlotte
Sandy: I either listen to skillet or my darkest days (mdd)
Melissa: Lately, I've been obsessed with Adiemus and Zarabanda by Adiemus.
Renee:90s pop music all weekend
Aisling: The last thing I listened to was Lost Boy by Ruth B
Twinkle: Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift
Sid:"Hairspray" from the 2007 Hairspray
Sarah: "Pins and Needles" by The Birthday Massacre
Arminta:MindlessGoat-Mindless. Music from my friend who recently passed.
Heather: The Older I Get by Skillet.

Jen: Ghost 

Colleen: KS95 radio station 

Our Team: Artists and Writers!

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is run by a wonderful group of individuals, who not only do their jobs flawlessly, but are also very talented! Below you will find information about what they do when they aren't working on RRSMS!

Free Book Alert!!

Founder of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul, Kate Marie Robbins, wrote a music inspired book that falls into the YA Lesbian Romance genre. She has a way for you to earn yourself a free copy of the book! How you may ask? Simple. Either donate blood or donate $5 to ANY LGBT charity and she'll send you a copy straight to your kindle! 
NOTE: You must have documentation to prove that you have done so. Then message Kate via the RRSMS Facebook Page.

Title: Crazy For You (Give Me Something Book One)
Genre: YA LGBT Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2016 
Sometimes all it takes is one smile to change your life.

Sahara Evans was sent to spend the summer before college with her aunt at the bed and breakfast she owned in a coastal town. Pelburg, was nothing more than a small tourist town, and Sahara knew that her summer was going to be boring.

That was, until she met McKenna Seaton at The Copper Lighthouse, the restaurant where McKenna waitressed. The moment their eyes met, Sahara was falling hard…

Social Media Spotlight: Instagram

RRSMS Instagram

1. What do you think is the best thing about running Instagram? Keleigh: My favorite part running the Instagram is getting to post content and share content that other authors, writers and creators can relate to.
Sarah: The best part about co-running the RRSMS Instagram account is making friends and connections with authors, bands, and avid readers. RRSMS is a community before an organization.  We value the sense of family. 
2. Do you have any favorite or special interactions with follower(s)? Keleigh: I love when people comment on a picture that I posted and say things like "That is so true!" or "I love this!". Sarah: My favorite part about connecting with followers is when someone "fangirls" over commonly read books with me.  We become more than the Instagram handles we post by. 
3. What do you think is the biggest challenge in running Instagram? 
Keleigh: Having to block all the spam accounts that advertise Cam girls or promise to get you more …

I Am Loved: UPDATE

In light of the horrific events that occurred in Orlando, we are re-opening submissions for our LGBT anthology, I Am Loved. All stories and poetry that talk about love and acceptance within the community will be accepted. Please send all submissions to: With "I Am Loved" in the subject line. 
Submissions are due no later than June 21st.  We are currently seeking a charity that helps LGBT victims of bullying and abuse. If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them! 
No one should have to live in fear. This kind of hatred against any other person shouldn't happen. Please keep those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts or prayers (whatever it is you do). If you're in the Orlando area and are able, please donate blood. So many are injured and blood donations are needed.

Meet Maggy Plummer, Social Media Marketing Specialist - Tumblr

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. We want to get to know you better!
I'm an artist first and foremost, however I believe art can take many forms like painting, writing, music, drawing and more. I am also an animal person, especially with cats, I love all animals, but cats have saved my life multiple times. I guess those are good things to share about myself, I'm always open to questions though. ^^

What’s it been like volunteering for Rock & Roll Saved My Soul? What is your favorite thing about it?
It's been awesome!!! I love the person I run tumblr with and I love Kate, she's always so understanding and patient. I also love that I get to help give back to the community.

What made you want to join the Rock & Roll Saved My Soul team?
My friend Sid said that the group needed some help on the social media side of things and I volunteered to help cause I'm pretty decent at social media, as well as I like the cause of RRSMS, so it was really win win for me…

Define L.O.V.E. Anthology

The L.O.V.E. Project is putting together an anthology of photographs of hand-written definitions of what people think L.O.V.E. stands for. 
L: Love
O: Openness
V: Valued
E: Empowerment 
Hand write your answer and either snap a photo of it or if you have a scanner, scan it and send it to us! 
All of the answers will be used for a book! Proceeds will half be donated to the Dove Self-esteem Project and the other half will be used to make stickers, bracelets, etc for you to request for free for yourself or for someone you think needs a pick me up. 
Any questions, please message us! 
Send all entries to:

Rise Above -- An Anti-Bullying Anthology

The L.O.V.E. Project is putting together one of its first anthologies for charity. This anthology will be focusing on bullying. The title of the series will be called Rise Above, giving hope to those affected by bullying and helping them to realize that they can rise above it. No one deserves to be bullied, for any reason. 
All proceeds will be donated to STOMP Out Bullying

The Sounds of Advice

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is introducing a new feature on the blog! We'll be answer questions and giving advice to those that need it. If you would like to send us in a question or want advice on something, please fill out the form below! 


June Band of the Month: Owl City

In November 2009, Owl City’s Adam Young, a native and longtime resident of Owatonna, Minnesota (pop. 25,000), who had made his very first airplane journey only a year prior at age 22, found himself standing on the Great Wall of China. “I called my mom on my cell phone at 2 a.m. Minnesota time and said, ‘You’ll never believe where I am right now!’” Young recalls with a laugh. “I’m this shy kid from nowhere. My family didn’t have a lot of money to take vacations, so for me to have that kind of experience was surreal.”

It was just one of many extraordinary moments this unassuming 24-year-old Midwesterner would have over the past 18 months thanks to the blockbuster success of Owl City’s major-label debut album — the lush, lovingly created Ocean Eyes, which was released by Universal Republic Records in July 2009. Filled with whimsical melodies and blissful beats that Young conjured up alone in the basement of his parents’ home in Owatonna, Ocean Eyes topped the Billboard Rock, Alternative, …