Question of the Day #1

The RRSMS team weighs in! 

Maggy: I'm listening to A Day To Remember a lot lately 'cause of the fiance...

Gina: Marianas Trench and a lot of music that I listened to in high school, currently it's A Change of Pace.

Kate: Good Charlotte

Sandy: I either listen to skillet or my darkest days (mdd)

Melissa: Lately, I've been obsessed with Adiemus and Zarabanda by Adiemus.

Renee: 90s pop music all weekend

Aisling: The last thing I listened to was Lost Boy by Ruth B

Twinkle: Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift

Sid: "Hairspray" from the 2007 Hairspray

Sarah: "Pins and Needles" by The Birthday Massacre

Arminta: MindlessGoat-Mindless. Music from my friend who recently passed.

Heather: The Older I Get by Skillet.  

Jen: Ghost 

Colleen: KS95 radio station 

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