Free Book Alert!!

Founder of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul, Kate Marie Robbins, wrote a music inspired book that falls into the YA Lesbian Romance genre. She has a way for you to earn yourself a free copy of the book! How you may ask? Simple. Either donate blood or donate $5 to ANY LGBT charity and she'll send you a copy straight to your kindle! 

NOTE: You must have documentation to prove that you have done so. Then message Kate via the RRSMS Facebook Page.

Title: Crazy For You (Give Me Something Book One)
Genre: YA LGBT Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2016 
Sometimes all it takes is one smile to change your life.

Sahara Evans was sent to spend the summer before college with her aunt at the bed and breakfast she owned in a coastal town. Pelburg, was nothing more than a small tourist town, and Sahara knew that her summer was going to be boring.

That was, until she met McKenna Seaton at The Copper Lighthouse, the restaurant where McKenna waitressed. The moment their eyes met, Sahara was falling hard, but how could she tell this girl she'd never see again once the summer was over that she was in love?

You can also pre-order the book via Amazon!

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