The Sounds of Advice #89: Unethical Experiments

What unethical experiment would have the biggest positive impact on society as a whole?
Michaelle: I don't really agree with any of the experiments from the samples you (Kate) referenced. I would be more agreeable if many doctors could give their opinions as to how viable and appropriate the experiments actually could be. I also am for those with capable agreement of experiments for prolonging their life, but without causing more damage or death.
Sid: I've never thought about this.
Kate: It took me a while to come up with an idea for this topic. I had done some googling when I remembered hearing a story on the radio about a human head transplant. They would be putting the head of a man that was paralyzed on the body of a man that was brain dead, but the body still completely intact. If successful, this would have a huge positive impact on society. Paraplegics would be a thing of the past. ethical is it? It's hard to say. I suppose that depends on willing participant…

Concert Review: The Gossip Tour 2018

The Gossip Tour 2018 by Gina Dierolf

On January 27th 2018, I saw Sleeping With Sirens with opening bands The Gospel Youth and Set it Off at the Reverb in Reading, Pennsylvania. A friend and I decided to go to this concert because of Set it Off performing, since we have liked them for some time. I knew all of the songs except maybe two from Set it Off, nothing that The Gospel Youth played and maybe only two of the songs from Sleeping With Sirens; since most of what they performed was all newer music.
As for the venue, I find the Reverb to be a pretty decent sized venue with pretty many seats, good standing space in front and around the stage and it is also handicap accessible. The only issue there seems to be with a lot of bands that play at the Reverb is that their instruments always seems to be amplified more than the singer’s microphones, so it’s almost always impossible to hear the lyrics being sung or what is being spoken.
The Gospel Youth were one of the first bands that played. …

Concert Review: Escape the Fate

by Gina Dierolf
On Thursday, April 12th 2018 I attended a concert at the Reverb Nightclub located at 1402 N. 9th St. in Reading, Pennsylvania. I had the pleasure of seeing Haela, Vitruvia, One Day Waiting, and Escape the Fate. I missed the first two bands thst played due to work but those bands were Heartwell and Across the White Water Tower. This was my first time seeing Haela, Across the White Water Tower and One Day Waiting but my second time seeing Vitruvia and I have seen Craig Mabbitt perform with The Dead Rabbitts before but never as a part of Escape the Fate, so it was a first for Escape the Fate as well. I wasn't familiar with any of the bands songs except I coukd point out some tunes from Vitrivua that I had heard before and I knew pretty much all of the songs that Escape the Fate had played. I wanted to see them play because they were touring to a venue close by for fairly cheap and I had listened to a lot of their songs as a teenager and enjoyed them, so I thought why n…

The Sounds of Advice #88: Rules of Dating

What are your most important rules when going on a date?
Sandy: Be myself is my rule. Never pretend to be someone they want you to be or you think they want.
Michaelle:  I am a bit old fashioned and prefer the man to pay. I also really appreciate a gentleman that opens doors and pulls out your chair. I like him to plan the date; like he chooses a place for dinner and also a place to interact after the meal where there is conversation and laughter. Live music and/or sporting events are awesome. It's nice if he asks for input, but ultimately should make the decisions for the date to get to know you.
Sid: Always be respectful
Kate: Always be your true self.

Facebook Weighs in:

Never talk about previous relationships or politics -Lori M.

public place!! Be safe, cutie!!! Have fun! Always be yourself -Baylee R.

Invisible, Not Imagined Excerpt

Endometriosis (A Poem)
By S.B. Carnes

Every day the pain is the same and even more painful than the last day
Never a day of being pain free without medication
Daily pains are my normal now
Others like me fight every day to be heard on their “Invisible illness”
My normal is sucking up my pain everyday
Everyone tells me “you’re fine, you don’t look sick or in pain”
The truth is yes, I don’t look it, but I feel it every day of my life
Respect me when I tell you I can’t hang out
I need my rest because this illness takes a lot out of me
Or deal with the constant complaining of how tired I am the choice is yours
Sometimes I feel I am the only one going through this
I know I am not alone.
There are millions of women that have Endometriosis just like me.
So, let’s spread awareness and be heard END ENDOMETRIOSIS FOR US!!!

To read the rest of the stories and poems, pick up a copy of the anthology on Amazon today! All proceeds benefit Rock the Cause

Core Value: Respect

Tell us how you think we embody respect. Define it in your own words as you think it relates to our community or give an example of how we embody respect.

I feel that RRSMS embodies respect by allowing everyone’s to be a partner of the anthologies regardless of writing ability, nobody’s is excluded or made fun of for what they share. This isn’t a safe place that embraces and respects differences of those who contribute. -Gina D.

The Sounds of Advice #87: Mythical Creatures

What mythical creature do you wish actually existed and why?
Sandy: Dragons, unicorns would be awesome!! I love both and to see them in the wild would be so cool.
Michaelle: I am for the Pegasus Unicorn. The horn can be a weapon and wings to fly
Sid: Probably most of the humanoid ones! The conversations I could have with them about life under the ocean! I get excited just thinking about it!
Kate: Most people would probably expect me to say unicorns, but I am a very firm believer that they did exist at one point in time and are now extinct. So for my answer I am going to go with the kraken, because I am very interested in pirate folklore. Though I do know that giant squid do exist, but not to the size that was believed back then and they certainly didn't attack ships. 

Facebook Weighs in:
A decent man -Marena S.

Phoenix , or dragons! -Charity L.

Definitely Dragons!!!! -Kellie P.

Pegasus! -Vanessa R.

faeries, dragons, phoenix, unicorns because i like faeries, dragons would be goo…