The Sounds of Advice #93: Goals of Humanity

What goal do you think humanity is not focused enough on achieving?

Sandy:  Certainly need to change how we treat our planet and other people.
Michaelle:  I believe we are too focused on differences when we should really just be noticing how much we are all part of the human race.
Sid: Equal access to healthcare.
Kate:  Creating a world where all people can afford to live. Homelessness and poverty run rampant and it's not necessary. 

Facebook Weighs in:

Protecting our planet. It's home. It's all we've got. -Lisa S.

Curing diseases like cancer.  -Joseph R.

Stopping the initial bullying that is leading too many to snap. -Lorah J.

Kindness -Andrea M.

We Love Our Fur Babies


The Concert Journal Promo

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The Sounds of Advice #92: Things We Should Worry About

What’s something people don’t worry about but really should?
Sandy: What is really going on with how kids act. It gets blame in the media 9 times or 10 when really it should be the parents that are looked at.
Michaelle:  Not worry, but awareness of actions towards others. We are being watched more than people realize.
Sid: I think we need to worry about toxic masculinity and mental health more.

Facebook Weighs In:

The real drug crisis -Jenn W.

Global warming -Debbie M.

Mother's Day: Favorite Mom Memories

My favorite thing to do with my mom is go to concerts. We used to go all the time to this small venue in La Crosse, Wisconsin to see one of her favorite bands, Just Surrender. They knew both me and her and always made her feel welcome. I miss those days. We don't get to go to concerts much anymore, but I still enjoy spending time with her, no matter what we're doing. -Kate R. 
My favorite thing to do with mom is play games! -Bodie R.

If i am 100% honest, my favorite memory is all of them. My mother is ny favorite person in the world -Gina D. 

My mom passed away right after I turned 4. I made mother's day cards for my dad, since he raised me. I also grew up with step moms and made sure to make or give them a card or gift as well. I was once blessed with a wonderful mother in law. I was the daughter she didn't have and she was the mom I had always hoped for growing up. Lots of wonderful memories of spending time together watching movies, doing crafts, shopping, cooking …

Concert Journal Entry: Franz Ferdinand

by Kate Marie Robbins

Date: April 27, 2018
Band: Franz Ferdinand
Venue: First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Supporting Act(s): Priests

*This entry is taken from the RRSMS: The Concert Journal*

My first gig of 2018, so exciting! Jen (my sister) and I went, as we typically do these days. She's the only one with as eclectic taste in music as me. We ended up not getting there before doors opened at 8 p.m. so we didn't have to queue for very long. Though the gig was sold out, it didn't feel overly crowded, which made it easy to get close to the stage. After grabbing merch, we ended up being a few "rows" back stage left.

The opening act was called Priests, which was 3/4 female. Now, I'll admit I'm a bit of a female vocalist snob as Joseph (my brother) likes to say. I was not very impressed with them. Though, I did give them a listen on YouTube later and they were better, so perhaps it's just a live thing. Or maybe I'm just a snob. 

But oh, when Franz Ferdinand…

The Sounds of Advice #91: Future Generation

Do you think that children born today will have better or worse lives than their parents? 

Sandy:  Worse, no one had common sense, everyone is so rude and judgmental. Raised right though hopefully they turn out better.
Michaelle: I tend to look at this question in a more positive light because I feel that my children are healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally than I was or even my parents were. I am grateful for the healing in each generation, so that my children are better prepared for the world now and in the future.
Sid: Unfortunately I think they'll have it worse.
Kate: As much as I try to remain an optimistic person, seeing the world as it is now, things aren't getting better. We have the potential to create a better world, but it takes effort. As of right now, if things continue it will be worse, not better, unfortunately.

Facebook Weighs in:
Worse... this world we live in now is to pathetic in many ways. -Marena S.
I think that we hope it will be better for them but…