Second Chance Excerpt

The Dog that Changed Everything By Andrea Meyer

I have always been afraid of dogs ever since I can remember. I never wanted to be around them. They made me feel very unsafe and uncomfortable.
Recently, my husband and I talked about getting a dog to complete our family. It took a few months to be okay with this idea and a few more months to find the perfect dog. We found Kaia on a for sale site and went to meet her. When we met her we instantly knew she was for us! She is an American Bully breed, which I had never heard of, but from doing extensive research it showed that those breeds are good family dogs, which she definitely lives up to that expectation!
After having her only a few months she fits in perfectly with our chaotic family! To me, she’s not just an animal, but another child. I am so in love with Kaia. I had no idea I would have these feelings towards a dog ever!

Gardening with Colleen

Beginner vegetable gardening at home is an easy way to save money. Planting one tomato plant can provide you with 10 pounds of fruit over the course of a season. In almost every case, the flavor and texture of varieties of vegetables from a container vegetable garden far exceed grocery store produce. By planting vegetables in pots, you enjoy the pleasure of savoring delicious, sun-warmed tomatoes fresh from your backyard. Plus, growing vegetables in containers and raised beds can be fun; it's a great way to get away and spend time outdoors in the sun. These tips and tricks will help get you the best vegetable garden this season.

Deciding What to Plant:

Deciding what to plant in a vegetable garden is easier than you think. If you plan it right, you can enjoy a beautiful container vegetable garden or raised bed vegetable garden without having to spend hours tending to it. When deciding what to plant in a beginner vegetable garden, it's best to start small. Many gardeners can get t…

Poll: Do You Talk To Your Pet(s)?

All the time -Kate R.
All the time -Gina D.

About everything -Charity L.

Yep -Sarah H.

Yes... full fledge conversations -Jenn W.

Yes -Andrea M.

Yes -Allison W.

Yes. -Heather K.

Yes -Jessica A.

I talk to the horses at my college. Does that count? 🐎 -Vanessa R.

Yes.....they listen more than my husband and kids do -Shauna Y.

Constant chatter. Both ways. -Lisa S.

Cruz Yes lol -Elena C.

I talk to other people's pets even....I'd be more concerned if someone didn't. -Ashley B.

Katy Rathbun Of course 👏 -Katy R.

Duh! -Eric D.

Of course but their cat so they don't care -Leanne Z.
-Sarah L.

yes -Vickie S.

I talk to my dog all he time -Colleen R.

They listen better than we do, so yes i do too!!! -Daniel R.

How Dogs Sense When We are Ill

We have all had that horrendous flu or illness that has knocked us off our feet, but some of us have an extra healing aid around… our pets! When I’m sick, my dog stays right by my side, as if holding vigil until I recover. As a professional pet sitter and dog walker, even my clients’ pets seem to know when I’m feeling under the weather, cuddling up a little sweeter, and understanding that our walk might not be as energetic that day. But can dogs really know and sense when we are sick?
The answer is yes! Dogs, in particular, have several special ways that help them indicate if a person is ill or not. One of those ways is with their amazing olfactory abilities, or rather, their miraculous sense of smell. Certain breed of dogs can have up to 40-50 times the scent receptors than us humans, making their sense of smell about 100,000 times stronger than ours! When a person is ill, their body chemistry will change, and a dog’s sensitive snout may be able to detect these subtle changes, letti…

The Sounds of Advice #95: $5 Mill to Open a Museum

If you were given five million dollars to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create?
Sandy: I would do a history, science & animal one. So that it would be fun for all.
Michaelle: I was thinking of a combo history and science museum that is interactive and exhibits change monthly and/or quarterly.
Sid: An LGBT+ history museum
Kate: Something super nerdy, maybe to do with pirates or the civil war. 

Facebook Weighs In:
A psychedelic interactive type of museum! Those are always cool. -Tori D.

An animal museum -Lori M.

Fantasy/SciFi movie, tv, literature, and related memorabilia -Leanne Z.

June Band of the Month: The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is an American pop punk band from Lansdale, Pennsylvania that formed in July 2005. Since their conception, they have released six full-length albums, two EPs, and several splits/compilations. The group is currently signed to Hopeless Records.[1] Their name originates from a paper that lead vocalist, Dan 'Soupy' Campbell, read that was written by one of his after-school educators titled "The Wonder Years."

Discography: Get Stoked on It! (2007) The Upsides (2010) Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing (2011) The Greatest Generation (2013) No Closer to Heaven (2015) Sister Cities (2018)
Social Media: Facebook Twitter Website
Where to Buy Music: iTunes Amazon Google Play

June Volunteer of the Month: Jen Robbins!

June Volunteer of the Month: Jen Robbins!
Jen is one of the founding members of RRSMS, starting it with her sister Kate back in 2013. Without her RRSMS wouldn't exist. 

A Message from the Team:
Kate: Jen, you are such a vital part of the team. Without you RRSMS wouldn't even exist. Thank you for wanting to take this journey with me and thank you for wanting to even take the risk of starting it. You are the best sister and teammate ever. I cannot thank you enough for everything.
Sid: It's a joy working with you Jen, thank you for all that you do!
Aisling:  Congrats Jen! Thank you for all your hard work!
Michaelle: Jen, you bring a lot of smiles and laughter. Thank you for being an inspiration. Appreciate your work on our mission.
Gina: Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!
Radeyah: Congrats Jen!!!
Lori: Thank you for all you do for the team
Heather: Thanks for what you do! I love working with you.
Twinkle: Thanks for all your efforts!!! Your hard work goes a long way!