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I'm Donating My Birthday

By Michaelle Madrid 
Just playing Scrabble online with my Facebook sis, Patti. I play the word cee and she lets me know that she is editing a story with a character named, Cee. I got chills as I was reading her message back to me. Later, I was scrolling through Facebook when another friend was having a birthday. Since Facebook now allows you to have people donate to causes, she posted a fundraiser for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Both Patti and Elizabeth have EDS. This was my sign to share about this invisible disease.
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a group of disorders that affect the connective tissues that support the skin, bones, blood vessels, and many other organs and tissues. Defects in connective tissues cause the signs and symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which vary from mildly loose joints to life-threatening complications. There are fewer than 200,000 US cases per year. Lab and imaging testing may be required to determine a medical diagnosis. EDS is not curable, but treatable. Often…

The Sounds of Advice #57: Pressures of Early Adulthood

Coping with the pressures of early adulthood:

Aisling: Coping with pressures during early adulthood can be stressful and difficult to manage. 
If you can manage to avoid what is pressuring you by all means just avoid it. 
If avoiding it isn't possible try to learn some ways that can help you deal with the stress, such as writing in a journal to vent your feelings. 
Try to think positive, get enough sleep and focus on your goals. 
Also try setting smaller goals that you can focus on that will help you reach your main goal in the long run. Focusing on things like these can help take your focus off of what may be pressuring you so much.
Sandy: Being a kid can be hard. Being an adult is also hard. However, having to be a kid while having to do things an adult would do is even harder.

As a kid we always want to grown up because we see our parents doing things and we want to do them too. It is just part of being human.  Nothing is wrong with it, it is perfectly normal. However, sometimes as a …

Everyday Miracles, An Excerpt

Claire's Battle with CDH By Andrea Stenlund
To me, my little Claire is a miracle. She has gone through more in her life as a baby than most adults do. She is my hero, my strength, my motivation to make it through each and every day. 
It started when Claire was around six and a half weeks old. She started acting differently. She was usually a good nurser, so when she started not wanting to eat, it sent up red flags. Then, eventually, she started to vomit which lasted almost twenty-four hours. I was thinking maybe she just had a stomach bug that her sisters gave her possibly, but when we woke up on Sunday morning, I felt something was terribly wrong after she vomited up bile. I called my mom to come stay with Claire’s sisters because I felt it was urgent and wanted to bring her into the emergency room. So, I took her in. They tried to set up an IV at the first hospital because of dehydration, but they couldn't get it in; at least three or four nurses tried. They did x-rays, and tha…

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A Musician's Tale Promo

An artist's life is never easy. From the very beginning, they're face with struggles of criticism and self-doubt, making the lifestyle difficult.
But from the ashes, they will rise.
Despite all the negative they face, they use it to their advantage, using it to fuel their artistic side. We use music to escape. So do those who write or play music, creating the sounds we love the most.
A Musician's Tale - Telling their stories.
All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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Tucker, My Rescue Cat

By Michaelle Madrid

Tucker was the name he had been given and that is the name that stayed with him. He was a black and white tuxedo cat with big green eyes. He was six months old when I received him. He had been a cat too many for his previous owner. 
It took about a week before Tucker adjusted to his new home with me. Once he was given full attention, he flourished into a very social cat. He didn't hide when company came over, he would greet each person. Not only was he social, but he played fetch like a dog! This cat was something else! 
After taking Tucker into the vet for a check up, shots, and testing, it was discovered that Tucker had Feline Leukemia. I was told he would not have as long of a life as most healthy cats. I didn't need to do anything special because Tucker would be able to lead a pretty normal life.
For about two years, Tucker did seem like a normal, healthy cat and then I realized he was drinking a lot of water. Then one afternoon, Tucker stole off with a pie…

The Sounds of Advice #56: Healthy Habits

Healthy habits: eating, drinking, exercise, self care
Sandy: Eating healthy is a big deal. It can help you to stay in shape with the correct vitamins, protein, fiber etc. If you eat the correct healthy foods you can lose weight if you are wanting to do that as well. It can help you keep a certain weight if you are already there.

These 10 foods are the lowest calories and most nutritious in terms of amount and richness of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Beans: Calories: 200 per cup Nutrients: Rich in folate, vitamin B1 or thiamine, magnesium, molybdenum, soluble fiber, iron and potassium.

Yogurt or Kiefer: Calories: 140 per cup (plain low-fat or non-fat) Nutrients: Rich in pantothenic acid, vitamin B2 or riboflavin, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and iodine.

Beef Liver: Calories: 137 per 3 ounces Nutrients: Rich in iron, vitamin A, biotin, choline, vitamin B12, vitamin B3 or niacin, vitamin B6, chromium, copper and phosphorus.

Salmon: Calories: 157 per 3 ounces

I Am Loved Promo

26% of LGBT youth say their biggest problems are not feeling accepted by their family, trouble at school/bullying, and a fear to be out/open.

Everyone should be accepted for who they are, but sadly that isn't the case, especially within the LGBT community. It is hard to be who you are in this world.

The crew at Rock & Roll Saved My Soul are taking a stand. We want to end the hate and the bullying.

I Am Loved is a collection of stories and poetry that talk about love and acceptance within the LGBT community.

ALL proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project


The Sounds of Advice #55: Back to School

Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids:
Sandy: When buying school supplies and clothes for the kids or yourself do it a little bit at a time. It won't feel like you are breaking your bank account, but you are still getting what you need to.
Aisling: 1. The week before school starts try getting up a little earlier each morning in increments until you're used to getting up when you need to in order to get ready for school. 

2. If lunches are brought to school try to plan out a weekly menu. 

3. If it makes your mornings easier, pack lunches the night before. 

4. Hang up or lay out clothes the night before so you don't have to rush to figure out an outfit in the morning. 

5. Always keep your school supplies in one designated area so everyone knows where to find everything they need. 

6. Keep shoes in one designated area instead of kicking them off wherever, only to have to rush around searching for them. 

7. Always check to make sure homework is in backpacks the night before so noth…

The Concert Experience Promo

Have you been to an awesome concert or just had a really good experience at one? In this anthology you will find stories talking about epic concerts. Stories that changed lives, stories that have opened eyes and hearts to new things, and stories that have taken people on a new journey. Follow these adventures and maybe you too will be inspired to go to a concert in the future and make some of your own memories, have a life changing experience, or maybe just a great time.

All proceeds from this book will be donated to Rock the Cause. Rock the Cause is a Minnesota based charity that use the power of music, community, and social media to create a new generation of stewardship for other non-profit causes.

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August Band of the Month: New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block (also initialized as NKOTB) is an American boy band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band currently consists of brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood. New Kids on the Block enjoyed success in the late 1980s and early 1990s and have sold more than 80 million records worldwide. They won two American Music Awards in 1990 for Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo, or Group and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. The group disbanded in 1994, reuniting in 2007.
After secretly reuniting in 2007 and recording a new CD, the group released that new album and embarked on a concert tour in 2008. The album, entitled The Block, was released on September 2, 2008. New Kids on the Block was listed as number 16 on Rolling Stone's Top 25 Teen Idol Breakout Moments. The group was on tour with the Backstreet Boys in 2011–12 as NKOTBSB. This collaboration first performed live together on November 21, 2010 at the American Music Awards on ABC and again on 2011…

Everyday Miracles Promo

Thy life's a miracle. --King Lear, William Shakespeare 

Have you ever experienced something that seemed impossible, but inexplicably became a reality? In each of the stories and poems in this anthology you will dive into a world where the impossible becomes possible by the work of a divine agency, hopefully bringing a tear to your eye and joy in your heart. Miracles are all around us if we open our eyes and truly believe.

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August Volunteer of the Month: Jen Robbins

Volunteer of the Month: Jen Robbins!!!
I'm a single mother of a amazing little man, who is my world. I'm engaged to a friend of mine that I've know for 16 years and is now my best friend. I love all kinds of music. It's a huge part of my life.

A Message from the RRSMS Team:
Kate: I am so blessed to have you as a co-founder of such an amazing organization. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for everything you've done to get RRSMS to where it is today! Love you sis!
Sid: Thank you for all your hard work, Jen!
Andrea: Jen you do an amazing job! Keep up the good work!
Renee: Congratulations! Keep up the great work.
Radeyah: Thanks for all you to for RRSMS!
Aisling: Thank you for all of your amazing work Jen!
Twinkle: Congrats Jen! We are grateful to have you on the RRSMS team. Thanks for all the hard work you put-in!
Sandy: Thank you for everything you do for RRSMS! You rock girl! Keep it up!!
Gina: Jen, all of your hard work is appreciated. Thanks for all you d…