August Volunteer of the Month: Jen Robbins

Volunteer of the Month: Jen Robbins!!!

I'm a single mother of a amazing little man, who is my world. I'm engaged to a friend of mine that I've know for 16 years and is now my best friend. I love all kinds of music. It's a huge part of my life.

A Message from the RRSMS Team:

Kate: I am so blessed to have you as a co-founder of such an amazing organization. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for everything you've done to get RRSMS to where it is today! Love you sis!

Sid: Thank you for all your hard work, Jen!

Andrea: Jen you do an amazing job! Keep up the good work!

Renee: Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

Radeyah: Thanks for all you to for RRSMS!

Aisling: Thank you for all of your amazing work Jen!

Twinkle: Congrats Jen! We are grateful to have you on the RRSMS team. Thanks for all the hard work you put-in!

Sandy: Thank you for everything you do for RRSMS! You rock girl! Keep it up!!

Gina: Jen, all of your hard work is appreciated. Thanks for all you do for RRSMS!

Lori: Thanks for all you do for the team and you rock

Heather: I enjoy working with you!

Michaelle: Wonderful working with you. Appreciate all you do for the team.

Colleen: Thanks for your hard work on the RRSMS team! Keep up the good work!

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