The Sounds of Advice #55: Back to School

Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids:

Sandy: When buying school supplies and clothes for the kids or yourself do it a little bit at a time. It won't feel like you are breaking your bank account, but you are still getting what you need to.

Aisling: 1. The week before school starts try getting up a little earlier each morning in increments until you're used to getting up when you need to in order to get ready for school. 

2. If lunches are brought to school try to plan out a weekly menu. 

3. If it makes your mornings easier, pack lunches the night before. 

4. Hang up or lay out clothes the night before so you don't have to rush to figure out an outfit in the morning. 

5. Always keep your school supplies in one designated area so everyone knows where to find everything they need. 

6. Keep shoes in one designated area instead of kicking them off wherever, only to have to rush around searching for them. 

7. Always check to make sure homework is in backpacks the night before so nothing is forgotten at home. 

8. Hang up a cork board or a white board with magnets to jot down important dates or hang up important school papers. 

9. Make sure to get to bed on time. Sleep is important! 

10. After school let the kids have a break for some free time before getting to homework. It is important to unwind after a long day.

Kate:  1. Set up a bedtime and wake-up routine in advance.
2. Get to know new teachers.
3. Plan healthy lunches and snacks. 
4. Organize clothing. 
5. Set up a staging area. 
6. Update medical records.
7. Talk to your kids about bullying.
8. Ask your kids about their concerns.

Elementary School Kids:
1. Establish routines
2. Overcome anxiety
3. Support study habits
4. Help socialize
5. Stay involved

Middle School Kids: 
1. "Try your best. Not everyone can get all A's, so it's important to give it your all. As long as it's your best, then you're giving it all you’ve got."
2. "Don't sleep in class… you may miss something really important, plus you wouldn't be trying your best if you did."
3. "Don't tick off the teacher. That's not a good way to start the school year."
4. "Get to class on time. Be ready and prepared and don't skip class or you'll violate tip #3."

5. "Be nice to people. Treat them like you want to be treated (and yeah, that includes teachers).”

High School Kids: 
1. "Don't just start with a positive attitude, keep that attitude throughout the year;it's helpful to your friends and teachers. Also, you'll be more efficient and the year will seem to fly by. Positivity will also help with getting all your work done."

2."Stay organized. School can be frustrating when you're getting a lot of work and papers,so the easiest way not to get stressed is by keeping everything organized. Make sure to have a separate binder for each class; it will make life bearable in high school."

3. "If you're absent for a few days, make sure to get the work you missed. Your teacher is the best one to get you caught up and to explain things to you, because he or she is the expert in the class – not your friends. "

4. "Stay away from the drama. The only bad thing about school is the drama because so many people get sucked into it and it ends up making people feel awful. Drama can take your focus away from your work. If you don't completely focus on the lesson or your homework or even class work you won't understand what is going on. You'll be too focused on what is going on around you. So stay away from drama."

5."If you are dating someone you may be completely focused on that person… which isn't a bad thing, but it isn't a good thing either. If you spend 24/7 with that person you'll probably get bored of him or her and not know what to talk about anymore. Which can get pretty awkward in the hallways. Also, if you don't spend any time with them then they will start to think that they aren't important or that you don't even like them. So maybe dating during school isn't the best thing for you academically but if it isn't affecting you by taking all your attention away from school then everything should be fine. Also, a lot of drama can come along with dating so you'd just have to be aware of that. I suggest not dating or dating but not giving it all your undivided attention, just some attention. Also, this can have an effect on your social life at school and you'll just ditch your friends which isn't what you want during school because they may ditch you when you need them. It is a very complicated life at school. Just make the best out of it."

1. Become friends with your professors
2. Treasure your syllabus
3. Start studying as soon as possible
4. Get yourself a study buddy or study group
5. Have a room for all of your studies
6. Get your sleep schedule under control
7. Keep stress under control

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