Question of the Day #32: Funny Concert Moment

Gina: At Marianas Trench when Josh Ramsay wore someones bra on stage while he performed for a while.

Kate: Any time I've seen the band Peachcake play. They held a dance off in the middle of the dance floor. We also played Duck Duck Goose. One time at a Ludo show we played Red Light, Green Light.

Sandy: Honestly my trip to see Owl City with my best friend. We had so much fun even though it was cold. Funniest thing about that was the dirt bike that only we saw that were going to the show cause we camped at that door all day!

Melissa: Okay well, it would have to be the Backstreet Boys in Albany. That entire weekend was nonstop laughing from start to finish. Seeing Gina hit Howie Dorough in the chest with her bra was pretty funny and awesome.

Renee: Turning around to realize the lead singer of Lit was standing right behind me in the VIP section at the Summerland Tour

Aisling: When I saw a hippie looking woman standing by the wall of the main floor. We made eye contact as she was taking a hit off of her pipe. She smiled & held her finger up to her lips which made me laugh

Twinkle: None

Sid: I can't recall any.

Arminta: When a couple of guys were shock and awed by a girl in the pit at a local show.

Heather: I don't have one.

Lori: None 

Radeyah: I cannot think of anything at all.

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