October Volunteer of the Month: Sandy Ashley

Volunteer of the Month: Sandy Ashley

I’m Sandy. I have always loved music. I also love writing. I wrote poems for years. I tried to write books when I was a teen, but I could never get past chapter 3. When I finally decided to write a book again, when I finally got past chapter 3. I thought to myself I can totally do this. I’m a mom of three wonderful kids. JJ is my oldest, Kalynn, and Michael (my youngest). I love spending time with them. They are my world.

When my BBFF Katie told me about RRSMS, I knew I had to be a part of it! I have to put a story in each book, so far I have. I’m hoping to have a story in each one. I have done that up until now. I was thrilled to help with I Am Loved. I just know a lot of people find it hard to fit in. I know because I have always had a hard time fitting in sometimes. I also know that it’s harder for people who are GLBT. The fact that all the money goes to help other makes me feel good. I try to help everyone and I can’t always do that. Being able to write things for these books to help others, makes me feel like I did something. 

A message from the RRSMS Team: 

Kate: Where do I even start? You've been working on this with me since the very beginning. I couldn't ask for a better person to help me on this journey. You truly are a blessing to both RRSMS and me! 

Arminta: Sandy-I'm glad that you are involved so deeply in this project. You're a wonderful person to be on the same team with and you do a wonderful job!

Lori: Sandy you are an awesome person and we are lucky to have you on the team

Sid: Sandy, it's a great honour to work with you and I've had a blast getting to know you over these past few months.

Twinkle: Hello Sandy. Thanks for everything you are doing especially for RRSMS. 

Gina: Sandy, thank you for always being able to help out with the projects that we come up with in and outside of RRSMS. All of the work that you do is appreciated!

Heather: Sandy is wonderful to work with. I'm glad she is a part of the team!

Radeyah: Sandy, thank you for all that you do! <3

Aisling: Thank you Sandy for all of the hard work you do for RRSMS!

Andrea: Sandy you are a wonderful person inside and out! I admire your hard work and your an inspiration to all who work with you! Thank you for your hard work...we appreciate it greatly!

Melissa: Dear Sandy, 
Thank you so much for all you do for RRSMS!!! You are such a lovely and wonderful and friend!!! I'm so proud to work with you!!!

Renee: Sandy, you work tirelessly to help RRSMS keep moving forward. Your spirit and dedication are inspiring!

Colleen: Sandy, you are a great person and do a wonderful job helping Kate run RRSMS, all while working and raising your family!! Good job, Sandy! 

Jen: Thank you, Sandy, for all the hard work and dedication you have for this cause. It has been a pleasure having you on the team and just knowing you! Can't wait to see all the amazing things you will continue doing. Keep up the great work!

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