The Sounds of Advice #15

How to deal with someone who has taken advantage of your kindness:

Aisling: If someone has taken advantage of your kindness, it's best to distance yourself from that person. Don't ever change who you are & stop being kind just because someone has taken advantage of that. The world needs kind people to set an example for others to keep kindness going.

Sandy: This is something I can relate to well. Seems all my life people do this very thing to me. However, I don't let it change who I am. I help people its who I am. You do learn over time to know if someone is using you. You can then get rid of those people. You just have to remember to keep your head held high and don't change the caring loving person you are! You are that way for a reason!

Kate: I've been down this road one too many times. It's hard when you have a caring nature. You always want to help as much as you can, but there will always be that one person that takes advantage of it. It's hard to know where to draw the line sometimes. But, if you ever feel like you're being taken advantage of, stick to your guns and don't let them walk all over you. It may be a hard thing to do, but your own well-being is important too. Don't let it change you though. The world needs more good in it. 

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