Question of the Day #11

Gina: I believe it was Motley Crue and Alice Cooper

Kate: Scars on 45

Sandy: Three Days Grace even got to meet them

Melissa: I've only ever been to 5 concerts. The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Peter Paul and Mary, The Righteous Brothers, and Korn.

Renee: Spandex Nation

Aisling: Edgefest when I was 16

Sid: I saw Alex Goot a few years ago.

Arminta: Otep, One Eyed Doll

Heather: I went to see Bon Jovi back in 2013.

Lori: Aerosmith and Cheap Trick 2012

Radeyah: The last concert I've been to was a REO Speedwagon one. It was very enjoyable and I also got to meet them afterwards!

Jen: Scars on 45 with Kate

Colleen: The Dunwells 

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