Question of the Day #10

Maggy: anything with a low bpm

Gina: Classical

Kate: Switchfoot

Sandy: Usually the harder stuff that when I'm angry I can listen to like Five Finger Death Punch

MelissaEnya, Enigma, Cusco, Dream Academy, Massive Attack, Delirium, Yanni. I also find it to be helpful when I'm writing.

Renee: Meditation instrumentals or Enya

Aisling: The Doors

Twinkle: Pop

Sid: "Somebody Loves You" Glee cast version.

Arminta: Aqualung

Heather: I don't usually listen to music when I want to calm down because I find myself listening to songs that do the opposite.

Lori: Anything by Josh Groban

Radeyah: I listen to Jazz to calm down or focus.

Jen: Metal

Colleen: I don't like music then, I need quiet. 

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