The Sounds of Advice #8

How do you deal with people who criticized your weight:

Aisling: It's hard not to take people's criticism to heart but try not to. Whether you've just had a baby, have weight issues due to health reasons, are in the process of trying to lose weight or anything else, just remember you are beautiful just as you are & for who you are as a person. 

Some people feel the need to make comments about other people's weight because they themselves are bothered by their own weight. Is it right? No. So just remember what a person is like on the inside is more important than what they may or may not look like on the outside.

Sandy: Even though I am not heavy set, people give me a hard time. Saying things like "You need some meat on those bones" or " You need to eat more". I certainly do eat and anyone who knows me, they know how much I eat. I haven't always been happy with how I look. I finally got to the point when people would say something about my weight to just say this is how I am suppose to look. Which usually gets people to shut their mouth real fast. I know people even judge me without talking to me. Let them judge! I am who I am and I am proud of it!! No shame in how you look if you are doing what you want to gain or lose weight. You should always be proud of who and what you look like. People who put you down for your weight are toxic and no one needs those toxic people in their life!!

Kate: While this may be hard to do, it's the truth: another person's words are a reflection of them and not you. Do not listen to them. If you are happy with the way you are, then that's all that matters. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some people are just shallow or miserable themselves and want to make other people feel as miserable as they are. Hold your head high. The next time someone tells you something negative, just ignore them, or turn it around on them and tell them something positive about yourself. If they see that their words haven't affected you, they may be more likely to leave you alone about it. 

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