Question of the Day #15

Gina: Marianas Trench or Chiodos, I love both of them!

Kate: Scars on 45, they're so underrated

Sandy: Just Surrender!! They might not be listed in these questions, but I was hoping they could have fit in somewhere. Haha

Melissa: Nirvana. Especially if they suffer from mental illness. Kurt Cobain just really understood it. May he RIP.

Renee: I love so much music it is difficult to say one so I am just going to say it is important to have a wide variety of songs and genres

Aisling: The Doors lol

Twinkle: Music as a whole should be admired and loved by all, no matter who sings it or what genre it is!

Sid: Evans Blue or Ludo.

Arminta: Otep

Heather: I have no idea.

Lori: Switchfoot

Radeyah: I think everyone should love Linkin Park as much as I do and play their music everywhere.

Jen: Ghost

Colleen: Nickelback

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