Question of the Day #13

Kate: Linkin Park

Sandy: Not a huge fan of Fall Out Boy. Only like two songs by them otherwise I do t listen to them.

Melissa: Anything that sounds like a wet cat with its tail caught in a door while being electrocuted. I don't do death metal or screamo. For me, it's migraine inducing noise.

Renee: Adele

Aisling: One Direction

Twinkle: Honey Singh

Sid: I don't think I've ever hated an entire band music wise before, but I guess as people, vocalists I hate are Chris Brown and Emnimem.

Arminta: I don't think there's a band I hate. Not saying I like everything but I just tend to not think about or listen to what I don't like. 

Heather: I don't have one. 

Lori: Nickelback

Radeyah: I don't think I have a most hated band. I appreciate each band's differences. 

Jen: Justin Bieber 

Colleen: Anything country 

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