Call to Arms: Project Reunited

Co-founder and fellow author, Sandy Ashley needs your help. About a year and a half ago Sandy was in a life altering car accident. She could have lost the ability to walk. She didn't though, but in the process, she lost custody of her daughter, who was too young to even begin to understand what was happening. Custody was give to her dad. Since then, Sandy has recovered from the injuries sustained from the car accident, but she has not gotten custody of her daughter back. Sandy is one of the most caring, loving people I know, who would do anything for her kids. She wants to get custody of Kay back, but doesn't have the means to do so.

This is where RRSMS comes in. We'd like to launch our first auction/fundraiser to try to help her get her daughter out of a bad environment and back with Sandy, where she belongs. We're looking for donations and just general ideas to help set this up. Anything at all is appreciated. If you would like to donate something or have any ideas that could help us with this endevour, please message Rock & Roll Saved My Soul or e-mail us at: 

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