Sounds of Advice #5

How to get your creative juices flowing

Sandy: Find what helps you relax. I find to help with being creative for my writing I put on some N Sync and I'm good to go. Other things just have to strike me the right way. It's like when you meet your best friend for the first time. You won't know you will be best friends, however you have that moment when you click and it grows from that.

Kate: Most of my creativity is sparked from sleep deprivation, though I don't recommend doing that, because it's not fun at all. In all honesty though, I can find creativity in almost anything, you just have to look at it from the right angle. No, it doesn't always happen instantly, but write down your little ideas when you have them, and you never know what they might grow into. A lot of my inspiration comes from music, because it is my lifeline. Don't be afraid to take a risk. It might be what someone needs. That's how I've always felt about my writing. If I can help just one person with what I'm writing, I've accomplished something. 

Aisling: Feel like you're stuck on a project or something you're working on? Here are a few ways to get your creative juices flowing. 1. Listen to music. Whatever music tends to inspire you, listen to it & lose yourself in the music while you let your mind wander. 
2. Go for a walk. Being outside in nature can be inspiring. 
3. Read a book. Getting lost in a book for awhile can get your mind off of what you're working on so you can go back to your project feeling refreshed. 
4. Create an inspiration board. Put whatever you want on the board such as pictures or notes that help you feel inspired.

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