Question of the Day #16

Gina: "3 AM" by Chiodos; I had to really think about this question

Kate: Pretty much any video the band Ludo ever did. Goodwill Hunting By Myself is probably my favorite one they've done.

Sandy: I have always liked "It's Gonna Be Me" by N Sync. I have all the dolls and would have been awesome if they had turned into the real one when they were bought lol

Melissa: Only If by Enya

Renee: California Tupac / Dr. Dre

Aisling: All the right moves by One Republic

Twinkle: Somebody That I Used To Know By Gotye

Sid: Hmm watch mostly fan made music videos, so I don't know that many but maybe a tie between Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick and Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift,

Arminta: Lately I've been digging Macklemore-Downtown

Heather: Into The Woods by Taylor Swift.

Lori: Think of You feature Chris Young and Cassadee Pope

Radeyah: Taylor Swift's Blank Space music video. I feel like she got out a lot of unwanted emotions and tension in the filming of that video and I want to do the same!

Jen: Poisoning the Steps by Dawn of Ashes 

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