YouTube/Song of the Day Spotlight with Aisling Spofford

Meet Aisling Spofford, the face behind our YouTube channel and Song of the Day!

I'm Aisling Spofford, I'm a wife & a mom to three beautiful girls. In my spare time I read, write and spend time with my family. 
I post the song of the Day & do youtube videos for Rock & Roll Saved My Soul. 

I love being a part of the Rock and Roll Saved My Soul team. We're a great group of people putting together some awesome projects to help different charities.

Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel and send in your requests for Song of the Day! 

We have a few theme days for SOTD:
Cover Song Monday
Throwback Thursday
Under the Radar Saturday
Acoustic Sunday

If your song falls under one of those, let us know! It helps us out a lot.

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