June Volunteer of the Month: Lori McBroom

June Volunteer of the Month: Lori McBroom!!

My name is Lori and I was born in Hahn Germany on an American base and dad was in the air force as a special agent and I know a little German as well and I got to see the Berlin Wall fall down as well. I have 1 blood brother and 4 half brothers and 1 half sister and 3 step-brothers.

A message from the RRSMS Team:

Kate: We've been friends for a very long time. It has been such a priveledge to get to work with you. You are a team player and do a great job. Thank you for everything that you do for RRSMS! 

Sid: Thank you for all your hard work. it's a joy to work with you.

Andrea: Lori...you do a phenomenal job! We greatly appreciate all your hard work and dedication to RRSMS. You're amazing. Keep it up!

Renee: Thank you for sharing your time and being a member of the RRSMS family!

Radeyah: Thanks for all you do for RRSMS Lori!

Aisling: Thank you for all your help Lori! Keep up the great work!

Twinkle: Great Job Lori! Thanks for everything you do for RRSMS 😊

Sandy: Lori, you do great work! Keep it up! I enjoy working with you.

Melissa: Dear Lori,
Thank you so much for all you do for RRSMS!!! It's a pleasure to be your teammate!!!

Gina: Lori, thanks for all that you do for RRSMS, we appreciate it!

Jen: Great job! Keep it up! We are happy to have you on board

Colleen: Thanks for all your hard work Lori . Keep up the good work.

Heather: Giving your time to help with something like Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is amazing. I'm glad we're on the same team.

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