The Sounds of Advice #46: Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is a means of using words in a negative way such as insults, teasing, put downs, etc., to gain power over someone else's life. Many people's lives have been destroyed by verbal abuse at home, in schools and business settings.

Aisling: When it comes to verbal bullying you may feel angry and flustered and want to retaliate verbally as well. Don't, that will give the bully the reaction they are looking for. Talk to someone you trust about it & stay away from the person who is verbally bullying you if possible. Do your best to ignore them. Eventually in most situations they will give up & move on.

Sandy: If you are being verbally bullied. Walk away from the person. They may keep saying things as you do, but go find help and let someone know what happened. So that way things can be handled. If you don't have anyone that can handle it, just make sure the words that are told you that they don't bother you. The less reaction you give them the more they will stop because they bully you to get a reaction. You can always talk to someone you trust about what happened though. It always helps to talk about it to someone.

Michaelle: The moment you feel you have been verbally bullied you must immediately stand up for yourself. Let the bully know you will not allow them to treat you disrespectfully. Next, let them know the consequences for the mistreatment. Lastly, enforce your consequences on the offender as many times as they offend you. They will tire of you not responding like they want you to.

Kate: I know that it is a scary thing to stand up for yourself, but you should never let anyone walk all over you. If it continues, tell someone you trust and ask for help. It's okay to ask for help. Remember that it says more about them as a person than it does you.  

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