The Sounds of Advice #47: Physical Bullying

Physical Bullying. This is any bullying that hurts someone's body or damages their possessions. Stealing, shoving, hitting, fighting, and destroying property all are types of physical bullying. Physical bullying is rarely the first form of bullying that a target will experience.

Today's blog post will talk about what you should do if you're being physically bullied and coping mechanisms. 

Aisling: If you are being physically bullied you may feel ashamed & want to hide it from others. Please, don't. 
Confide in someone you trust to get the help you need. 
Too often people have tried to hide that they are being physically bullied & can later on end up in life threatening situations because of it.

Sandy: My son was physically bullied at school a couple years ago. All because he let the teacher know the kid had his phone out in class. He wasn't able to fight back really because of how the kid had him, but he did go and tell a teacher what happened and they took care of discipline for the kid who beat him up.

Yes just taking a beating at school or else where is never easy fighting back will make things worse. Just do you best to get out of there and let someone know what happened as soon as you can. Someone who will be able to put an end to it would be best. However, sometimes that can be scary to do as well. You just have to stand up and know that by saying something you could be saving your life or someone else's.

Michaelle: Create a STOP:
Immediately seek assistance. Go to nurse if at school. Go to a trusted adult if elsewhere. 

A meeting with individuals involved in incident for apology, consequences, and healing.

Further follow up to ensure situation has been resolved. 


The effects of bullying can take time to recover from. A few steps to help:

Speaking with a counselor, spiritual leader, or trusted adult can help to sort out feelings and be helpful with solutions for healing.

Journaling is also very helpful in sorting out feelings. Keep a small notebook with you or type a note in your phone. 

Personal time to yourself to think, listen to music, read, pray/meditate or whatever calms and centers you, can bring peace.

Lastly, always stand up for yourself and help anybody else that may need it too. You may be their only help. Helping may not not always be about getting directly involved in a heated situation, but calling for help from those best suited to deal with the matter.

Kate: DO NOT:
Think it's your fault. Nobody deserves to be bullied!
Fight back or bully a person back.
Keep it to yourself and just hope the bullying will "go away."
Skip school or avoid school or after school activities because you're afraid of the bully.
Keep it to yourself. Don't be afraid to tell someone!
Hurt yourself.

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