Instagram Spotlight with Radeyah Ali and Keleigh Grosso

Meet Radeyah Ali and Keleigh Grosso, the faces behind the RRSMS Instagram!

I really believe in #RockAndRollSavedMySoul. We are a charitable publishing house and we are constantly looking for ways to support and help minority groups through our published work. I absolutely love helping out with #RRSMS's Instagram account since I use Instagram every single day and I think it's such a strong platform for advertising and getting the word out about our charitable publishing house. 

I am an Attorney at law by profession and I have a huge passion for reading. Books mean a great deal to me and my enthusiasm for them fueled me to open my own online bookstore, Scribbles and Quills, and to start my own BookTube Channel on YouTube called 'RadeyahTV'. I also sometimes have a compulsion to write poems, short stories and novels and have been published numerous times under the pen name, R.H.Ali, including in some lovely RRSMS books! 

I am a proud Muslim and I've founded the social media campaign #IAmMuslimAndI which seeks to show Muslims as everyday, peaceful people and not a group to be feared or hated. 

I hope that you guys join us here at Rock and Roll Saved My Soul, where we aim to change the world, one story at a time!!

My name is Keligh Grosso and I help manage the RRSMS Instagram. I have been a member of the RRSMS team since 2015. I post photos relating to music, writing and any upcoming anthologies that we need stories for. Working with RRSMS has been wonderful. I have worked with many different people and gained a lot of experience in social networking and management as well as editing. I am a 23 year-old aspiring horror author who has been published in two prior RRSMS anthologies. Aside from reading and writing as hobbies, I am also an avid Sims player and can be found on Steam playing late night computer games. I am currently working at Dollar Tree as a cashier and am pursuing a Pharmacy Tech. Career Diploma from Penn Foster. 

Be sure and head over to the RRSMS Instagram and show these lovely ladies some love! 

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