The Sounds of Advice #44: When Teachers Don't Take Bullying Seriously

Bullying: what to do if teachers aren't taking it seriously:

Aisling: If the teacher(s) won't listen go to someone in a position above them. Also, it will help to talk to your parents or another family member that can help. Bullying is unacceptable & shouldn't happen to anyone.

Sandy: If the teachers won't, do anything go up higher than them. Principal or school counselor. If that doesn't work, tell your parents. I know that I have talked to my son's school before because it didn't seem like the teachers were doing anything. No one deserves to be bullied and it should always be handled no matter how you have to get it taken care of.

Kate: I wholeheartedly agree with what both Sandy and Aisling have said. If your teachers aren't taking it seriously, go to a counselor or the principal. Tell your parents. They can help and even set up a meeting with your principal or teacher to make sure that the situation is dealt with. You are not alone. 

Michaelle: My advice for parents, if they are feeling teachers are not taking your concerns of bullying serious, is to go directly to the teachers to find out the whole story. Make sure you know all sides of the story. If parents still feel the teachers are not taking action, set up time with either the Vice Principal or Principal regarding having the matter dealt with in a more satisfactory manner. Communication as quickly as possible is necessary in order to get concerns dealt with expediently and hopefully quell any issues that could be problematic in the future.

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