May Volunteer of the Month: Heather Kirchhoff

Volunteer of the Month: Heather Kirchhoff

I’m an author, reader, and animal lover. I love going for walks, taking pictures, and spending time  with my best friend, animals, and family. I adopted my dog in October of 2013. I also have four cats. I’ve published four books and one short story on my own, and I’m in twelve anthologies, with a few more coming out soon. I live in a small town in Missouri where I work at a nursing home.

A message from the RRSMS Team:

Kate: Thank you for everything that you do! You go above and beyond what is expected of you. I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work that you put in for RRSMS. It wouldn't be what it is today without your efforts! Thank you! 

Lori: Congratulations and thank you for all do for the team

Sid: Thank you so much for your hard work! You're truly a pleasure to work with.

Andrea: Heather thank you for all your hard work! We appreciate it greatly!

Renee: Great job Heather! You are one of the most supportive and dedicated people I have ever met. Congratulations!

Radeyah: Thanks for all your contributions to RRSMS Heather!

Aisling: Congrats & thank you for all your help with RRSMS!

Twinkle: Congrats Heather! It's been a pleasure knowing you! You are one of the most talented and dedicated people I have known! Keep up being awesome and adding good! 

Sandy: Thank you Heather for everything you do for RRSMS! You keep up the great work! :)

Melissa: Dear Heather,
Thank you so much for all you do for RRSMS!!! I'm proud to be your team member!!! 

Gina: Thank you Heather for all that you do!

Jen: Thank you for all you do!! Keep up the good work!!!

Colleen: Thanks for the great job you do Heather

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