The Sounds of Advice #43: Brighten Someone's Day

Small things you can do to brighten someone’s day: 

Aisling: 5 ways to help brighten up someone's day. 

1. Send someone a card or letter in the mail to let them know you're thinking of them. 

2. Hold the door open for someone. 
3. Pay for someone's coffee or food.
4. Let someone who has been waiting pull out into traffic ahead of you. 
5. Smile

Sandy: You can do anything from opening the door for someone to buying someone lunch. Sometimes even a simple thank you for someone who opens the door for you can help brighten someone's day. We all live in a busy go go go style and a lot of the times we are rude and mean to others. We need to change that so we can make the world better.

Kate: There are so many things you can do to brighten someone's day. Here are some of my favorites: 

Bake some goodies and bring them to work for your co-workers.

Leave “I love you” notes for your partner to find (perhaps his packed lunch or his work trousers pocket).

Help a struggling elderly person or mother take their shopping to their car

Stop to give your spare change to a charity collector.

Leave dollar notes on a vending machine for the next person to use.

Leave a note on a public bathroom mirror saying “You’re beautiful.”

Offer your seat to someone standing on the train or bus.

Send someone a gift (flowers or box of goodies).

If you had a good service at a restaurant, let the manager or waitress know.

If you had a good service at a restaurant, let the manager or waitress know.

Write down positive quotes and place them in library books.

The sky is the limit though! 

M.W. Leigh: So you're looking for simple things to do to brighten someone's day? I have experience in this area as I'm always trying to make sure my loved ones know I'm thinking about them! 

listen to them when they talk. It's a great way to make people feel valued, remembering small things can go a long way.

Send them things that make you think of them. Do they really love birds? Send them that cute bird video you found! They like Star Wars? Tag them in that cool Star Wars fanart you saw!

Remind them to take care of themselves. It only takes a few seconds to ask your friend “Hey, have you eaten today?”, “Are you staying hydrated?” or even “Have you been sleeping well?” 

Go out of your way for them (But don't make it a big deal).

Remind them that you care about them.

Take care.

Michaelle: 10 Small Ways to Brighten Someone Else's Day

1. Smile: A smile is a very welcoming way to brighten another person's day.
2. Compliment: Telling someone you like their necklace, outfit, smile, etc. is a great way to brighten another's mood.
3. Pray for others as specific as you know them and their situations.
4. Write/text/email a message to someone that isn't expecting it to show you are thinking of them.
5. Phone call: Pick up that phone and let someone hear your voice to bring some joy through contact.
6. Craft: Make something for another person in a way you know how like drawing a picture, crafting an item, writing a poem, etc.
7. Cook/bake: Make and share if this is fun for you. Food and fellowship is a wonderful way to lift spirits.
8. Coffee/tea/hot cocoa: Go out for a warm beverage and snack or invite someone over.
9. Token: A small gift like a candy bar they like, a magazine, a card, etc. will surely brighten the day.

10. Hug, pat hand or back, rub arm: Hugs and kind touches are incredibly healing in proper context and can brighten up moods.

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