The Sounds of Advice #42: Differing Opinions

How to effectively communicate with someone who has a different opinion as you:

Aisling: Be as polite as possible, don't lose your temper & try to stay calm. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, sometimes people forget that & immediately react in anger when the other person disagrees with them. 

Calmly talk things through together. In the end you may just have to agree to disagree.

Sandy: As long as you said what you want and they have said what you want. Before it gets out of hand and turns into an argument I usually use hey look this isn't worth fighting over. We both know the other opinion and we should be able to agree that on this subject we disagree. If they keep trying to push it, just walk away

Michaelle: The best way to communicate with someone that has a different opinion than yourself is to listen, summarize what you heard, and then state your point. Listening is key to good communication. Take time to really hear what the other person is saying. Next, summarizing what you heard shows that you were listening and comprehending what was said. If there is a misunderstanding, it can be dealt with immediately. Lastly, stating your opinion after you have first listened and summarized what you heard will have given sufficient time for a calm, peaceful exchange of opinions.

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