The Sounds of Advice #40: Car Organization

Organization ideas for the inside of your car: 

Aisling: Purchase hanging storage with multiple pockets that can hang on the back of the front seats. Keep a small garbage bag in the front and/or back so things don't just get left on the floor. Keep reusable cloth totes in the trunk of your car for groceries and other things so you don't have plastic grocery bags going everywhere.

Sandy: If you have a lot of snacks in your car you can get a zip lock container or something like it, to put them in. That way you keep them in one stop. Works great for road trips as well. :) for kids they have the organizers that hang on the back of the seats which help as well.

Kate: Use a shower caddy to store oil and other fluids
Keep another shower caddy to hold out-the-door meals/snacks. Especially good for kids!
Use climbing carabiners as bag hooks
Turn a tissue box into a grocery bag dispenser
Use a make-up bag to create an emergency kit
Turn an ice pop maker into a console storage organizer
Buy a cereal dispenser and use it as a mini garabage can
Hang a tolietries organizer into an entertainment storage
Or use suction cup shower caddies

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