The Sounds of Advice #38: Road Trips

Road trip boredom busters: 

Aisling: Play different games such as I Spy or the license plate game. 
Bring books on tape & music to listen to. 
Map out sights along the way that you want to see.

Sandy: Music, lots of music to jam out too. Make sure to bring tablets, or coloring books, reading books for yourself or kids as well. Take breaks when you need to so you can get out and walk around for a few mins and use a bathroom

Kate: Road trips are something I haven't done a lot of recently, but as a kid, we went on vacations all the time. I did take a trip with my nephew last summer and was on a long flight a few months ago, so I'll use those experiences to talk about ideas for curing boredom. If you are lucky enough to have a vehicle with the built in DVD player, use it. Just bring more than one DVD or you'll go out of your mind by the time you reach your destination. Age appropriate toys and games are also a good idea. 

For the adults, bring a book or kindle. Handheld video game consoles are good too. Or even word searches, crossword puzzles, etc. Bring music! Radio stations can be hit and miss, depending on where you're driving. 

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