Random Acts of Kindness: An Excerpt

The Domino Effect of Kindness

By R. H. Ali

If people were a little kinder
And hearts a little softer,
Maybe this world would be a little better
For the generations coming a little after.

Living in the hustle and bustle
With no time to hear the leaves rustle,
Everyone is for themselves in this earthly world
Which we will all eventually leave behind, if truth be told.

All the material things will fade into dust
But not the impact we made, or the things we made just;
It is our duty to be kind, honest and truthful,
And to have a pure heart and mind without being boastful.

When our eulogies are being said
Commendable acts of kindness is what should be read;
We will be remembered by what people see
So let’s try to make it a good, kind legacy.

Kindness of the heart and soul
Is what people should on their parchments scroll,
With random acts of kindness which becomes our legacies
Without any harm or worry about felonies.

A divine art it is, to be kind
Pure of the heart, soul and mind;
A smile, a laugh, a happy tear
Could be effected with the kindness you share.

Little acts of kindness go a long way
Like the last jug of juice on a hot day;
Kindness resonates within our bones
As sure as there are crevices on stones.

Beautifully draped like a bride for her wedding
Or as elegant as a fleece sheet of bedding,
Kindness has the power to embrace us all
Functioning just as the perfectly knitted shawl.

Kindness has the power to be of domino effect
With each kind act propelling another select;
One kind deed turns into two
And before you know it, it comes back to you!

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