Question of the Day #46: Favorite Movie Soundtrack

Gina: I don't have one

Kate: Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, Rocky Horror Picture Show, or Sweeney Todd

Sandy: High School Musical or Camp Rock. I got to get my jam on!

Melissa: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by Nicholas Hooper.

Renee: currently The Angry Birds Soundtrack

Aisling: Don't have a favorite.

Twinkle: A Walk to Remember and Pretty Woman

Sid: Oh man this is a tough question. I'd say maybe A Walk to Remember or A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff.

Arminta: Dracula 2000

Heather: Can't think of one.

Lori: A walk to remember because it has a few Switchfoot songs

 Radeyah: Harry Potter! Duh! LOL.

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