The Sounds of Advice #36: Hobbies

How to find and learn a new hobby:

Aisling: Research some of your interests. If any appeal to you that have hobbies you could practice go ahead & give it a try. It could be anything from reading, to painting, to hiking. When it comes to hobbies the sky is the limit!

Sandy: Best thing I would do is go places and look at things (hobby lobby, Michael's, Walmart) look around st things. If you see something that you might like. Get it and try it. You won't know for sure until you try it out.

1, Look to Your Past
Are there things you enjoyed as a kid that you might still enjoy as an adult? Maybe you had an awesome record collection, loved to sew clothes for your dolls or were always out on your bike. Those are all things you could pick up again as an adult that would make great hobbies.
Or there may be hobbies in your home right now that you started but have recently neglected. Maybe it’s time to finish that crochet project or pick up the guitar again.

2, Go on a Scavenger Hunt
If something from your past doesn’t immediately jump out at you, it might be useful to hit the crafts store, the sporting goods store or the nearest music emporium or book store. Browse around and see what captures your attention. Maybe you find yourself drawn to the cookbooks or the scrapbooking section; this can give you a clue as to what you might be interested in.

3. Start Small
If you’re adding a new thing into your life, you have to take time and focus away from something else. The good news is that most of us have a lot of time we’re not using well, either because we’re spending a lot of time online or watching TV or just wasting time we could be spending on our hobbies.
See if you can carve out a half hour or so every day or every other day to explore your interest. If there’s a way to start small, such as going to play pool at a bar before investing in your own table or buying a craft kit instead of a ton of supplies, that would be best in case you find that hobby isn’t for you after all.

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