The Sounds of Advice #34: Organization Techniques

Organization techniques for work and home:

Aisling: Only keep important paperwork in folders or a filing cabinet. Throw all junk papers away. Avoid cluttering up desk or table space by immediately putting papers where they go so they don't pile up. 
Utilize space under the bed for storage totes. 
If you have some empty wall space set up some shelves to create more storage space if needed.

Sandy: If you have the room at home to get those storage with the different sized boxes that works. If you have smaller things tackle boxes work well too! For work if you have your own desk at work just get a paper slots. That way you can order them by things that need to be done asap at top and the others in importance.

Kate: I am the worst when it comes to organization, because I have a lot of things all crammed into a small space. I do try though. And this is what I've done to help make things a little less cluttered. I started by going to Dollar Tree and bought a wide variety of organizational containers, including some for my work space. After that I tackled one section of my room at a time, compartmentalizing. It made the task seem a lot less daunting. For me it's still a work in progress, but anything is a step in the right direction!

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