Question of the Day #43: Band Member Names

Gina: For the most part

Kate: Not always

Sandy: I know most of them, not all though.

Melissa: I'm sad to say that I don't know the names of every member of all of my favorite bands. 20 years ago? I'd probably be saying something different. All the lyrics I had memorized, too. To be a kid again. *Sigh*

Renee: No

Aisling: No I don't. 

Twinkle: Mostly

Sid: I'm afraid I don't really. I'm bad with names. 

Arminta: No, some but I'm generally terrible at remembering names. 

Heather: Nope

Lori: Most of them

Radeyah: I do not!

Colleen: Not usually

Jen: Depends on the band 

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