The Sounds of Advice #33: Annoying Co-Workers

How to deal with coworkers you dislike that want to hang out with you outside of work:

Aisling: Politely say no. 
If they are persistent even after that explain that you are too busy for a social life right now.

Sandy: Best thing would be up front with them. Let them know that at work you don't mind being around them, but that you don't think your relationship outside of work would be good for either of you. Better to be up front then try to make up reasons why you can't hang out or lie. Because in time it will all come out and it will make things even worse at work.

Kate: I think this in part goes hand in hand with last week's post about being assertive. It's hard to do, but you have to be honest about it, without being rude. If they persist and are making you uncomfortable at work, talk to someone in management about it, because it could be considered harassment. 

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