Question of the Day #40: Know Any Musicians?

Gina: No

Kate: My great uncle was in a band, he played the drums. I'm also friends with several musicians.

Sandy: Not that I know of, would be cool though.

Melissa: My girl Jenn can sing and belongs singing. It kills me that she hasn't been discovered yet.

Renee: I have some friends that are local musicians but not touring level for the most part

Aisling: One of my cousins plays a few instruments. He's currently attending college for music.

Twinkle: Yes

Sid: My boyfriend sings and plays guitar.

Arminta: No

Heather: Yes

Lori: Nope

Radeyah: Yes. My cousin in law was in a band a few years ago. He still plays the guitar.

Jen: My boyfriend

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