Question of the Day #42: A Song that Describes Your Life

Gina: I don't really think I have one to describe my life at this moment.

Kate: I Still Believe by Frank Turner or Photosynthesis or We Shall Not Overcome

Sandy: It changes all the time! It just depends on what is going on in my life.

Melissa: Emily's Song-Moody Blues. Giving the impending arrival of our daughter Lily in November, it really describes how we feel. Lily hears that song a lot because we constantly listen to the Moody Blues, so she'll recognize it after she's born!!!

Renee: Both Sides of The Story by Phil Collins

Aisling: What a Wonderful World

Twinkle: Numb, Little Girl

Sid: Oh man, hmm. Possibly Coffee shop Soundtrack by All Time Low. I've read that it's about the lead singer's affair with a married woman, and having to accept that he would always come second to her husband. However when I listened to it I always connected to it by seeing as it being about giving someone countless chances but never letting go, or wasting you life on someone who doesn't appreciate you "When it all comes down to a sunrise on the east cost will you be there to carry home the remains of my wasted youth?" I have quite a few people in my life like that and there's something in me that holds onto and remains loyal to them, even if they've long left me.

Arminta: Smile Empty Soul-Self Inflicted

Heather: Traffic Light by Daughtry.

Lori: Bye Bye Bye by Nsync

Radeyah: That's a tough one. I have no idea.

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