Social Media Spotlight: Rescue Me

1. What do you think is the best thing about running Rescue Me - Animal Anthology?
For me the best part is getting the chance to use the love and passion that I feel for animals to raise money and awareness for shelters or organizations that directly assist those same pets. It is a great way to create a larger reach for the animals in need.

2. Do you have any favorite or special interactions with follower(s)?
Right now the best interactions are getting new stories but I have a few favorite memories. The first was when I was able to attend the World Finals of Monster Jam where the top monster truck drivers compete and meet a driver that one of the dogs in volume 1 is named after. She signed my copy and got one for herself while also making a video for the boys that own the dog. It was very sweet and still makes me smile thinking about it.

The second was when I got the opportunity to attend the rescueversary for Brian from The Life of Brian. The page set up for a dog that was brought to the shelter just inches from death and has made one of the most incredible and inspirational recoveries I have ever seen. His story and some research into the group that saved him along with having the chance to meet his owner has helped inspire me to keep fighting even when it seems hopeless.

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge in running Rescue Me?
That one is easy to answer. The most difficult thing is getting enough submissions to publish the next group of books. I only know so many people and most of them contributed for the first book. Now with four different books I am struggling to get enough stories to complete the next group in the series but still working on it. The animals deserve the love and support so I will never quit.

4. One goal for the future?
Make Rescue Me a well known brand that can be used to hold events such as adoption or fundraisers for shelters both locally and nationally. I would also like the chance to work with an international organization in time.

5. Do you have a message for your followers/future followers?
Thank you. That is the biggest thing I would want to say. It is because of the contributors and readers that have been and will be a part of this project that I can keep going and help reach more animals and the companies that do their best to save as many as possible.

6. Anything you’d like to add?
Anyone that has ever wanted to make a difference but didn’t know how I want to encourage to look beyond the norm and use your creativity and talent to find a way to follow that dream. There is nothing that feels better than doing what you love and having it help those in need.

Rescue Me is run by Renee Fournier:

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