Meet Twinkle (Sugandha) Varshney, Advertising Specialist

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. We want to get to know you better! 
Hi! Well, I am Twinkle (Sugandha) Varshney, a reader, reviewer and blogger with a passion for writing and an imagination running wild, fantasizing myself in inexistent worlds with unimaginable powers. My short stories are published in anthologies including Pleasant Dreams, After Forever, Rock & Roll Saved My Soul, Random Acts of Kindness, My Life Would Suck without You and Haunted: Fact or Fiction. Penning for several local magazines from the age of 8, currently, I’m writing a trilogy on immortality, a utopian fiction “Rainbow” and working on an upcoming TV series. 

What’s it been like volunteering for Rock & Roll Saved My Soul? What is your favorite thing about it? 
RRSMS is like a big supportive family. To work for RRSMS makes you feel special, as special as the causes they support. Everyone who write to change the world or as passion must write for RRSMS as that small piece is becoming a part of something bigger, helping so many causes around. Being a part of RRSMS team is fun and challenging. It was an amazing learning experience plus I got to know such amazing writers who go out of the way to help others! 

What made you want to join the Rock & Roll Saved My Soul team?  
Joining RRSMS was like winning the double lottery, I could write and contribute to charity at the same time. RRSMS didn’t only help me to grow as a writer but as a person too!  

Who are some of your favorite bands?  Favorite album(s)/song(s)?  
I am not bound to any special genre. Any song from any singer that fills me good becomes my favorite.
If you’ve been to a concert, which was the most memorable? Feel free to share any stories with us! 
I have been to a few concerts and each of them is memorable. I can’t admire much, how musicians take you away from all your worries to a completely different world, filling you with those beautiful beats like they know how you feel.   

If you could go on tour with one band for a month, which band would you choose and why? 
Miley Cyrus. I love her music. In recent years though she has built a “wild” image of herself, but the way she stands for LGBT, women, youth, contributing to several charities, is quite inspiring.
Are you a writer or musician? What genre? Where can we find out more about your writing or music?  
I am more of a writer, penning in diverse genres, Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Utopian/Dystopian, and Futuristic, can say anything that helps me escape the bounds of reality and losing self to that another realm, where anything and everything is possible.  

Twitter: @twinkle_4259 

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