New Anthology Alert!!

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul would like to proudly announce it's newest anthology, entitled "Notes of Dreams: How Music Inspires the World."

What is this anthology about? 
It will be a collection of stories and poetry inspired by music. Pick a band, song, or album, and write something inspired by it. It can just be whatever comes to mind while listening, or you can write what you think the message of the song or album is. That is what I (Kate Marie) am doing. I will be using an excerpt from a book I am writing, called For A Lifetime, which is based off the song "Give Me Something" by Scars on 45.

Submissions are due no later than August 31st and must be no longer than 15,000 words. Proceeds are being donated to Bro-Am, a charity that was created by the band Switchfoot.

What is Bro-Am about?
Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation: A thriving future for every kid. Bro-Am focuses on initiatives in three areas that create a thriving future:
Physical wellbeing – food, shelter, health
Community wellbeing – belonging, connecting
Opportunity through music, art, surfing and education – the outlets that help us thrive

Any questions, please contact RRSMS via message or e-mail (which can be found below in the photo)

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